Best 2019 Tools for Enhancing Your Health

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2019 is nearly halfway over! If your New Year’s resolution was to improve your physical and mental health, it’s time to shift your efforts into third gear. With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to buckle down and make big strides toward achieving your personal wellness goals. (Images Credit: Shutterstock)

Thankfully, there are plenty of great tools that can help you boost your overall health. We’ve hand-picked the 5 best health tools you can use in 2019. Some of these tools can help you enhance your physical health, while others can boost your mental health.

1.      Fitbit

The Fitbit has been around for a few years, but it’s still one of the best ways to improve your physical health.

Fitness is about more than going to the gym a few times per week. If you want to be as healthy as can be, you need to stay active constantly throughout the week and maintain a good diet and healthy sleep patterns. A Fitbit helps you keep track of all those activities and habits that are important for your health. You can use a Fitbit to easily track your:

  • Activity
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Weight
  • Sleep

A Fitbit is a great tool for anyone who’s truly committed to living a healthier lifestyle, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just trying to counterbalance all those hours you spend sitting at a cubicle.

2.      Holistic Health Tools

If your main goal in 2019 is to improve your mood and your spiritual wellness, there are a few great holistic health tools that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to create a soothing environment no matter where you’re living. Essential oils are natural extracts from herbs. You can rub essential oils on your palms and revel in their soothing scents. Or, you can relieve tension by rubbing essential oils on your shoulders or on the back of your neck. But one of the most popular ways to use essential oils is to place them in a diffuser, which will disperse the scent around the room and purify the air.

Other great holistic health tools include prayer, candles, pilates, and aura camera imaging equipment (made popular by Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow).

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3.      Audible

Audible is the only app we included on this list (not counting the Fitbit app). Audible, which is operated by Amazon, is an app in which you can download and listen to audiobooks.

Listening to audiobooks can have some great health benefits: mostly, that by listening to audiobooks, you’re not spending as much time watching TV. Watching TV lulls you into a passive state that’s not so good for your mind, and it also causes you to spend more hours sitting or lying down.

On the other hand, you can listen to audiobooks on your daily commute or while you’re hiking, working, or walking. Books require you to be more attentive and to utilize your imagination, and so they’re healthier for your mind than most TV shows are. You can also learn new things, develop new skills (especially by listening to self-help books), or immerse yourself into an exciting story.

If you got scared away by books due to your high school English class, give audiobooks a shot. Many people who have difficulty reading print books actually enjoy the easy listening of an audiobook narration.

4.      Bamboo Blanket

A bamboo blanket could be a great way to enhance your mental health! If you ever feel lonely, depressed, or anxious, cuddle up somewhere and cover yourself in a bamboo blanket. Bamboo blankets are weighted, and they give you the impression that you’re being hugged or cuddled with. Wear one whenever you’re feeling like you could use some snuggly attention. It’s an effective way to calm yourself down when you have anxiety or a depressive episode.

5.      New Mattress

Do you feel tired often? Are you struggling to stay productive at work? Do you feel like you never have the energy to get to the gym or achieve your daily goals? Your problem might be that you’re not sleeping well. It might be time to get a better mattress.

Good mattresses are expensive, but they’re an important and worthwhile investment. With a new mattress, you can get better sleep at night and have more energy during the day to kick butt at work and complete your goals. It’s amazing how much happier you’ll be when you get a good night’s rest, and you can get one every night so long as you have a great mattress. Try getting a memory foam mattress, which conforms your shape to give you personalized cradle.

If you’re trying to enhance your health in 2019, remember these 5 great tools that can help you stay fit and spiritually happy.

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