Welcome to the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle…With Beverly Hills Magazine you gain access to the most discerning buyers and the largest international audience with keen interest in our full range of luxury content. We offer online advertorials, display banner advertising, native advertising, custom written posts, custom hyperlinks, and so much more. Launching into television, we now offer advertisers a new realm of magazine advertising in a fresh and exciting platform with a much broader reach to the buyers and consumers they seek.

With class and style, Jacqueline Maddison, takes viewers into the exclusive world of fame and fortune like it’s never been seen before, bringing all the elements of the magazine to the screen on Beverly Hills Magazine TV.

Each episode shall showcase the world’s most luxurious brands, products and services, while giving the audience a glimpse into the most extravagant lifestyle. From exclusive restaurants, to opulent hotels and upscale venues, exotic cars, private jets, yachts, helicopters, the most sought after fashion and style for him and her, jewelry & watches, the best in health & beauty, once in a lifetime travel destinations and experiences, PLUS up close and personal interviews with today’s hottest celebrities in music and entertainment. Beverly Hills truly has it all…Viewers will watch Beverly Hills Magazine to be a part of the lap of luxury in the world’s most famous city.

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