Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking
Tips to Quit Smoking

Smoking used to be highly fashionable but now, although some people still think it looks sexy, it often has more of a negative image. It can have devastating effects on your health, as well as your appearance. No one wants to have yellow teeth or fingernails, or be more prone to breakouts of acne. But stopping can be difficult, especially if you’ve been smoking a long time and can get through a couple of packs a day. One of the hardest things to deal with is the extra time that you would have spent smoking, and the feeling that you have nothing to do with your hands or mouth. You can deal with this anxiety in lots of different ways, so you’re not just relying on nicotine patches to get you through it. With these simple tips to quit smoking, you can get started in the right direction while developing new positive habits to replace this unhealthy habit that has got to go. (Image courtesy of Pinterest)


Exercise is an excellent way to get rid of all that nervous energy, which no longer has anywhere to go when you can’t light up. You could do a cardio workout, such as going for a bike ride or a run, or do something a bit more relaxing. Yoga is brilliant for ex-smokers, because it helps you to deal with stress, as well as keeping you fit and healthy. Along with stretches and different yoga positions, you can also learn some breathing and meditation techniques. You can use these methods when you’re doing yoga, or anytime you feel like you need some help calming down.


If you find yourself at a loss for what to do with your hands when trying to quit smoking and you need to give your mouth something to do too, you could try an electronic cigarette. When you’ve spent years with a cigarette in your hand every few hours, it can be extremely difficult to break the habit of taking a smoking break. E-cigarettes (or personal vaporizers) don’t contain tobacco, although the eliquid does contain nicotine. They give you something nice and weighty to hold in your hand and to puff on when you feel like you’re desperate for a smoke. They also come in all sorts of flavors. Eventually, you might decide to give them up too, but they’re a good stepping stone, since cutting out the tobacco makes it much healthier.

Chew on Something

Some smokers have a bit of an oral fixation and quitting can make them feel anxious when their mouth doesn’t have anything to do. If you find yourself chewing the ends of all your pens, it’s probably time to find an alternative. You can use nicotine gum to both give your mouth a workout and ease the cravings, tobacco pouches (click here to get one), or use flavored toothpicks to chew on. You can try candies to suck or crunch on too, although it’s probably best to go sugar-free, so you don’t damage your teeth or put on weight while you quit smoking.

Do Something with Your Hands

When it’s your hands that you need to occupy, it can be hard to find something for them to do. But there are a few things you can, when you’re not using your hands for other things. You can try holding something else, such as a pen, or squeezing a stress ball. If you like to fiddle with things, try a Rubix cube or another desktop puzzle that will also help to take your mind off the cravings.

Fastest Way To Quit For Good

You may have heard this before, but God can make you stop smoking in a day. You need deliverance from the demon of addiction that causes people to be bound up in the sin of smoking cigarettes. Our body is the temple of the living God, and He does not like it when we do anything that would harm it. I know, it sounds crazy, but people addicted to heroine, crack-cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes have been set free from their addiction just by repenting to God for their sins, receiving Jesus as their LORD and Savior and getting Baptized. You  really have to want to change your life. Ask God to give you a fresh start today and vow never to smoke another cigarette again! He will give you the grace and the strength to see it through, just ask Him for it!


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