The Secret To Being Beautiful

The Secret To Being Beautiful
The Secret To Being Beautiful

Health and Fitness is a big industry in Beverly Hills…So is the cosmetic industry. But today it seems the whole world has taken on a health motivation, wanting to look and FEEL good. Every waking second is about looking good, we get it, but sometimes it doesn’t make us feel good. Social circles are a hub of chatter about the latest exercise craze and diet. But we are all still turning to cosmetic treatments to try to look beautiful to fit into some unrealistic social ideal. (Image Credit)

But why are all these health and fitness gurus still pedaling their exercise and diet programs to us if we need to go under the knife to look young and beautiful? The truth is, we need to look after our bodies so we look young and healthy on the inside and then our natural beauty will just radiate from us. We are going to age, no one can escape it, and it will show, but keeping everything as healthy as we can could slow it down and stave off illness.They say that true beauty is within, because it’s true. If you take care of your body, with nutritious diet, consistent exercise, and positive lifestyle habits you can look and feel healthy and beautiful everyday of your life.

To reduce the need for cosmetic treatments and surgery, we have to keep our bodies in excellent shape. Cardio and strength work is needed to keep every muscle toned, and our heart and lungs working efficiently. Choose an excellent diet free of harmful substances like refined sugars, chemical preservatives and bad fats. It will maintain your internal organs to help them work effectively. This commitment to exercise and relaxation is said to keep you feeling fit, healthy, young and energized; all the necessary ingredients to looking and feeling beautiful. (Image Credit)

Water is essential to life and to your natural beauty. We need to consume it to stay hydrated. We need to bathe in it to cleanse ourselves. We also benefit greatly from being near it and hearing the sound of it moving, which radiates tranquil energy This may be rain pattering on the window or the ocean waves lapping at the beach. Without plenty of water in our lives, we can look older than we are and suffer from ailments like kidney problems and brain dysfunction.

Strict diets and exercise programs are incredibly tough to do and to maintain, but the benefits of healthy eating and positive lifestyle are health itself. As our Nannas would say, “You’ve got nothing if you haven’t got your health”. Taking everything we can from the food we choose to eat, and the exercise we give our bodies, is essential to our well-being. Looking good is about FEELING good first and foremost. To feel good, we have to treat our bodies well. You’ll be amazed at how people will notice the change and will compliment you on your new found radiance, not your rhinoplasty.

The Secret To Being Beautiful

Beauty is not only skin deep…It goes beyond to your heart and soul. Beauty is a state of being that exudes from your thoughts, words, and deeds. Everything you say should be kind and lovely, everything you do should be sweet and admirable, and everything you think should be positive and with love for others. True beauty is within, and you will become beautiful by being a beautiful person. The surprise is that is actually has nothing to do with how you look at all.

If you are struggling to avoid temptation at restaurants and the grocery store, just take out your compact mirror and look at what you are trying to protect or improve. Yourself! This reminder will help you make the right choices. What’s the real secret to being beautiful? Healthy eating, regular exercise, and being kind could just be the answer. Be beautiful ladies, naturally!

Jacqueline Maddison
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