Beverly Hills Pawn

Beverly Hills Pawn
Beverly Hills Pawn

The Dina Collection is an international crossroads of the world’s most desirable fine jewelry, art and distinctive memorabilia, collected into a posh boutique worthy of its Beverly Hills address.

 Owner and curator Yossi Dina has built his namesake business at 249 S. Beverly Drive on the strength of his keen instinct for beauty, value and discretion. Inside the tasteful, 5,000-square-foot store, rows of elegant vitrines sparkle with their pedigreed contents—Bvlgari earrings, Cartier bracelets and Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces, each at a price up to 80 percent less than market value. Artwork from textbook-famous names—Picasso, Andy Warhol, Chagall, Van Gogh–lines the boutique walls and the club-like VIP lounge, where clients can comfortably peruse the goods or talk business in private. Also a connoisseur of automobiles, Dina stocks a nearby garage that’s a fantasy of vintage and luxury models .

 Like the Swiss banker of Beverly Hills, Dina has built a reputation as a discrete and knowledgeable source for buying, selling, trading and pawning precious items. Dina established himself in business in Beverly Hills 30 years ago with S. Beverly Wilshire Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop known for its tasteful collection of gems, artwork, antiques and “the best collection of watches in the world.”  Dina built the adjacent Dina Collection boutique 5 years ago as a fitting showcase for the exquisite estate jewelry, fine art and sports and Hollywood memorabilia that regularly flow through his doors.  “If there is something you are looking for,” assures Dina, “I can find it and for the right price. No other pawn shop get the items we have access to plus our discounted pricing is so fantastic you’ll want to keep shopping.”

 Beverly Hills Pawn

Through hard work, determination and an impeccable reputation for honesty and reliability, Dina has turned his company into the largest and most recognized loan/pawn/jewelry and antique store in the country.

 Though Dina buys and sells from estates and auctions, he’s also known worldwide for lending princely sums in exchange for precious collateral. With his decades of experience among the well-heeled and well-known, Dina is responsible for elevating the age-old practice of pawn into a respected and convenient method for converting underused assets into quick cash. His dealings are the focus of “Beverly Hills Pawn,” a Reelz channel series that features Dina and a rotating cast of rich and famous customers.

 As a result, every item in the Dina Collection comes with a fascinating backstory–the filmmaker who needed fast funds to finish a project, the socialite refreshing her jewelry collection—but Dina is far too discrete to divulge names. When asked what he likes most about his business, he stated confidently, “To make the deal.”

 For decades, patrons have relied on Dina’s international network of wealthy clients to find the right buyers for their rare and unusual collections. The steady stream of buying, selling, trading and pawning keeps the inventory fresh—and fascinating. The most celebrated names in sports, entertainment and history are here—signed artwork of Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic costumes and Napoleon Bonaparte’s correspondence are just a few.

The Real Gem: “Most people don’t realize that we offer many different pieces at great low prices. People would be amazed at what we have available in the store. Sometimes for just $100 or $200 you’re walking away with a one of kind keepsake.”

 Dina and his knowledgeable staff take pride in helping buyers and sellers alike verify the authenticity of that heirloom timepiece or the family Matisse.  Unlike other luxury boutiques, the Dina Collection also accepts jewelry, collectibles and other precious articles in trade.

 The Dina Collection is known worldwide as the home of the Reelz Channel’s “Beverly Hills Pawn,” and has become the savvy shopper’s destination for glamorous jewelry, timepieces, handbags and all manner of luxury items from the world’s most celebrated names.

 The hit reality series Beverly Hills Pawn explores Yossi Dina’s extraordinary shop where Hollywood elite go when they need cash.  With millions of fans around the world, Yossi and his team make once-in-a-lifetime deals involving extremely rare items.  The new season of Beverly Hills Pawn begins January 17th on Reelz Channel

 A longtime Malibu resident, Dina is also known for his extensive personal collection of elite cars, unique jewelry, million dollar watches and fine art.  His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, “ If you have a dream, go for it! You can achieve it.”

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