The Amazing Benefits of Fasting

By Veronica Parks, VP Exclusive
The Amazing Benefits of Fasting #beverly hills , #mental health , #physical health , #beverlyhillsmagazine ,#intermediatefasting , #fasting , #health , #bodyhealth ,#water fasting , #emotional benefits , #mental benefits
The Amazing Benefits of Fasting #beverly hills , #mental health , #physical health , #beverlyhillsmagazine ,#intermediatefasting , #fasting , #health , #bodyhealth ,#water fasting , #emotional benefits , #mental benefits

Imagine waking up each day with energy, focus, clarity, and an overall feeling of health, wealth, and fabulousness. These are just some of the benefits of fasting. (Image Credit:

Health has become the new currency. Without health, time and money don’t matter. Fasting is one of those super tools used for generations to improve, not only our body health but also our mental health.

Even cavemen after a big feast would have to go for hours with no food to gain the clarity and focus so they can hunt for the next meal.

Everything we consume affects our well-being and how we show up in the world.

Why Fasting

When fasting, meaning drinking only high-quality water for long periods of time, our bodies get a chance to deal with the food and other toxins accumulated overtime.

Most people have been familiar with intermittent fasting, where eating happens only during a period of 8-10 hours a day, and for some reducing it to only 1 meal per day.

The fasting time is giving the body a break to deal with eliminating toxins and rebooting.

Imagine the immense health improvement doing that on weekly basis, or even daily.

Body Benefits of Fasting

One of the instant benefits of fasting is placing the body in ketosis and burning fat for fuel instead of food. So, if weight loss is a priority, this could be a great alternative to strict diets. One of those alternatives could be trying a fasting tracker app on your smartphone.

Believe it or not, fasting will reveal the shocking discovery that our body is more energized than ever without the constant help of caffeine, energy drinks, and even food. Finding new sources of energy like nature, sun, dancing, music and laughter becomes a new way of living.

One interesting benefit is that our smell, taste, tactile, auditory and visual senses become more heightened with fasting. Being correlated to the clearness of the mind and the ability to be present, we get an instant upgrade as a human being.

A big realization while fasting has been the radiance of the skin. Reaching out for food every time the energy is down instead of drinking water can lead to massive dehydration that has a big impact on skin health and the rapid aging process.

Mental Benefits of Fasting

Another benefit is the clarity of the mind. The body is not busy digesting and the fogginess of the mind after a heavy meal disappears. The focus, clarity and creativity of the mind reach a new potential.

Fasting also helps us really appreciate food, eat slower, chew it properly and become more mindful. Our relationship with food transforms, helping us appreciate the raw holistic food as in comes from earth and reduce cravings for processed food.

Emotional Benefits of Fasting

The appreciation for things in life heighten with fasting. Nature looks prettier, the sun feels amazing, the gratitude for things that seemed trivial before grows.

Also when the body and mind are detoxing, the awareness of our woun value increases, and the tolerance for negative people or circumstances considerable diminishes

Fasting is one of the best ways to detox the body, mind and spirit.

About Veronica Parks

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