Ways to Fix and Remove Scratches from Bathroom Partitions

Beverly Hills Magazine Ways to Fix and Remove Scratches from Bathroom Partitions
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Are you tired of public bathroom vandalism? It can be frustrating to see scratches and graffiti on your bathroom walls and partitions. Solid plastic and stainless-steel bathroom partitions are the ones that get scratches without difficulty, but have you thought of ways to get rid of them? Are you planning to replace your old ones, but you want to make sure they will always look good?

Bathroom stalls and partitions are a worthwhile investment, especially if you know how to make them last longer. Let’s find out how.

Inspecting for scratches on your bathroom partitions

Seeing as people need to go to the bathroom at some point, they will open and close the doors regularly. In high-traffic areas, you can expect the bathroom partitions to have scratches or any damage. After all, they’re not immune to wear and tear. 

To remove those scratches from your bathroom doors and partitions, you need to find them all first. Unfortunately, most of the scratches are unnoticeable. They’re too small for the unfocused eye. Usually, you can find them on the bathroom doors or around their locks.  Sometimes, occupants cause scratches on the doors when they hang their items or bags.

You may also find scratches on the front of the doors or the sides of the stalls. There are several steps to take to decrease their presence.

How to fix the scratches from bathroom partitions

The steps to remove the scratches vary, depending on the material. You may need to check your specific manufacturer if you want to get detailed information on cleaning them. But for starters, here’s how:

Powder-coated steel partitions

If you want to make sure that the surface-level scratches are gone, follow these steps:

  1. Wash the scratches using a cleaning solution of your choice. Water is a nice element that helps remove any displaced material.
  2. Rub over the scratched areas using smooth-sanding pads. Keep rubbing until they are smooth.

Laminate partitions

Laminate bathroom partitions usually don’t get scratches. But when they do, it would be hard to notice. Follow these steps to fix them:

  1. Repair the affected areas just as you would laminate wood floors.
  2. Smooth some clear wax over the scratches. Colored wax will work, too. It will make them look as good as brand new.

Solid plastic partitions

Plastic bathroom partitions have their associated requirements. Follow these steps to eliminate the scratches:

  1. Heat a spoon, and then press the smooth side over the areas with scratches. 
  2. Rub the spoon back and forth until the scratches disappear. It blends out the scratched partitions, matching their original smoothness.

Phenolic partitions

Manufacturers soak layered papers in resin to create phenolic bathroom partitions. It makes them water-resistant. Not only are they low-maintenance, but they’re also scratch-resistant and durable. But if they get scratches, here’s how you can fix them:

  1. Shine them using a cleaning polish. Use non-abrasive soaps to avoid making the scratches worse.
  2. Continue polishing the areas until the scratches disappear.

Stainless-steel partitions

Stainless-steel partitions often don’t get scratches, but when they do, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a stainless-steel scratch-removing compound on the area.
  2. For severe cases, use an abrasive pad just as you would sandpaper.
  3. Find the grain of the partition and carefully rub out the scratches.

Even though stainless-steel partitions are resistant to most cleaning agents, avoid using bleach, as it will cause discoloration.

How to remove scratches from bathroom partitions

It may take a while before you could successfully remove all the scratches from the bathroom partitions. Depending on the damage, you may need more than one method. For example, the heated spoon technique may leave you some leftover edges. To eliminate the scratches, consider smoothing the area using sandpaper. And then, scrub the area using a washcloth until the surface becomes smooth again. In case of severe damage, you may need to perform a patch job.

You don’t need to worry about the appearance of the bathroom partitions. While people appreciate well-kept stalls in general, they don’t use the bathroom only to criticize the appearance. A scratch or two will not ruin their overall experience and the bathroom’s functionality. If the scratches bother you too much, perhaps you can replace the partitions.

How to prevent scratches from bathroom partitions

Bathroom partition scratches can happen any time – the occupants aren’t always at fault. Sometimes, the ones installing or cleaning them cause the partitions to get scratches. Here’s how to prevent them:

During installation

When you’re installing new partitions, make sure to handle them with care. Avoid banging into the partition siding when you’re moving large items in and out of the bathroom.

During cleaning and maintenance

Avoid using steel wool for cleaning, as they’re too harsh for most bathroom partition materials. Use a sturdy washcloth or a bristle brush for cleaning instead. Remember, the gentler the products you use, the longer the partitions last.

Also, make sure that your cleaning solution doesn’t contain beyond normal levels of harsh toxins. You don’t want the chemicals to eat away at your partition materials.

When is the time to replace the bathroom partitions?

Normal wear and tear and high traffic can negatively affect the health of your bathroom partitions. But public bathroom vandalism can also be a problem. Sad to say, it only takes markers, knives, pencils, spray paint, and other sharp objects to damage the partitions.

Regardless of the specifics, scratches and graffiti on bathroom walls and partitions are ugly. The only short-term fix is to retouch them regularly. But if the damage is beyond repair, it’s time to get a replacement. For example, if the hardware is already affected, it’s time to get new partitions. People often neglect the hardware, but it can degrade even a well-kept bathroom.

Before you decide to replace them, you should perform a deep clean first. You may also consult an expert – someone who has a vast knowledge of the types of bathroom partition materials.

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