10 Tips To Keep Your Scrubs In Great Shape

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Scrubs are work garments that must be maintained in excellent condition, despite the fact that they get dirty quickly. Maintaining your scrubs in great shape requires more attention than your regular clothes.

If you’re having difficulty taking care of your scrubs and are looking for solutions to keep them in excellent condition for an extended period of time, you may want to try the following tips: 

  • Prewash Your New Scrubs 

Scrubs will fade and discolor with time. This is only to be expected given how much they’re washed. But it can also be annoying when brightly colored scrubs begin to look dull. You can avoid this by pre-washing your scrubs. Ensure that your new scrubs are washed before you put them on. Pre-wash them in a combination of cold water and vinegar. Washing with this solution helps to set the color, which keeps it from changing over time.

Using vinegar solution is a time-honored technique that can be used with about anything, even in prepping your scrubs. It can also help to protect the quality and longevity of your scrubs. Since vinegar is an organic disinfectant, you can continue using it in future washings. When caring for your womens charcoal grey scrubs, incorporating vinegar into your laundry routine not only disinfects but also helps maintain the color and quality of your scrubs, ensuring they look professional and pristine wash after wash.

  • Wash Your Scrubs Separately 

Individually wash your scrubs from the rest of your clothes. Scrubs need a distinct kind of washing compared to regular laundry since they must be disinfected thoroughly. You can also wash your scrub pants and tops separately for better disinfection. 

Also, avoid washing your scrubs in the laundry. It’s better to handwash them using detergent sheets to avoid the spread of infection. This process is worth noting, especially if you want to keep your scrubs clean and in good shape. 

  • Try Double Washing 

A double wash is the safest way to sanitize the scrubs thoroughly. The first wash is for removing the stains on the scrub. The next wash is intended for disinfection. Follow these instructions for double washing: 

  • First, flip all of the scrubs inside out to keep them from sticking together and pilling. 
  • Then, using cold water and detergent, run the scrubs into a regular cycle. 
  • Check to see whether any marks are apparent after the initial cleaning. 
  • After removing all stains, you can proceed to the second washing stage. It’s critical to get rid of any stains prior to this process. Remember that hot water locks in stain, so it would be even more difficult to remove afterward. 
  • The second cleaning procedure involves disinfecting the scrubs with bleach. Start by adding ¾ cup of color-safe bleach to your washer. Then continue the cycle in hot water. 
  • Check your scrubs thoroughly after the whole process. 
  •  Use The Right Water Temperature 

If you can’t avoid using the laundry machine, you must be sure to wash your scrubs at the proper water temperature. Different materials need different water temperatures when washing.

Scrubs made entirely of cotton should be washed in cold water. In contrast, scrubs made of a mixture of polyester and cotton should be cleaned in warm water. Washing at the right temperature will prevent your scrubs from wearing out quickly.

  • Dry Your Scrubs Properly 

The safest way to preserve your scrubs during the drying process is to hang them immediately after washing. They’ll emerge without creases and undamaged by the dryer’s heat. 

Although utilizing the dryer aids in disinfection, it might also shrink the scrubs. However, if you’re pressed for time, you may tumble dry on a low setting or in the dryer on medium heat.  

  • Don’t Forget To Iron 

After drying your scrubs, press them with a hot iron. This procedure is necessary to keep the scrubs nice and clean, ensuring a professional appearance in the workplace. Ironing is also beneficial since it removes excess germs. Bear in mind that there are numerous strong bacteria in the healthcare environment. So, it’s essential to iron the scrubs after washing for better disinfection. Just be careful that you use the proper ironing setting depending on the material of your scrub suit. 

  • Inspect Your Scrubs Thoroughly 

After ironing, closely check the scrubs before storing them. Are there any flaws or loose threads? Are there any stains that have gone unnoticed? Be sure to immediately address any issues you notice with your scrubs, such as cutting loose threads or stitching any minor flaws. This process will help keep the scrubs in good condition. 

  • Store Your Scrubs Properly 

Although cleaning and drying are essential, maintaining your scrubs in good condition while they’re in storage is just as important. Once your scrubs have been pressed, store them in a dry plastic bag to prevent exposure to microorganisms before wearing them to work. 

  • Avoid Using Perfumes 

Using perfumes may leave stains that are difficult to remove. If you like wearing perfume, spray it on your undershirt instead. Also, avoid smearing lotion or creams on your scrubs. These grooming products are some of the most common causes of stains.

  • Only Use Your Scrubs at Work 

Scrubs must be worn exclusively at work. Thus, carrying the scrubs to work properly is critical in preserving their professional appearance and cleanliness. It’s recommended that you commute in regular clothes and bring the scrubs in your bag. 

It’s also suggested to keep your clean scrubs in a different plastic bag from your dirty scrubs. This is the most effective method for containing germs or toxins and preventing their dissemination. Although it’s highly improbable that dirty scrubs will put you or your loved ones at risk, it’s still best to remain careful to avoid germ transmission. 

The Takeaway 

The most important thing you should do is value your scrubs. Your scrub is a representation of yourself. To maintain your scrubs in great shape, keep them tidy, dirt-free, and germ-free. 

Scrubs can be difficult to wash at times. It’s crucial to keep the scrubs from discoloring to ensure that they last a long time and look perfect. Remember that your scrubs represent you and the work that you do. So, you have to give them additional care and maintenance to ensure that you project your best image.

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