9 Creative Uses For CBD Oil

Beverly Hills Magazine 9 Creative Uses For CBD Oil
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CBD is used in almost any product imaginable. And now, the trendy substance is making its way in the cosmetics and skincare industries. From facial cleansers to shampoos, a slew of CBD-infused items is now available in the market

What is CDB? 

For those who are unfamiliar, cannabidiol (CBD) is among the most potent chemical compound found in hemp plants. It has no psychoactive effects, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, there’s a slim possibility that CBD products can get you high. 

CBD and the Skin 

CBD may provide some substantial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These properties may be helpful in treating skin conditions, including inflammation. This explains how CBD can help acne breakouts. 

Below are a few of the creative uses for CBD oil in relation to your beauty regimen: 

  • Facial Cleanser 

Acne is commonly thought of as an inflammatory disorder. Though it might be caused by a number of factors, using medicated products may significantly alleviate breakouts and acne.  

It’s important to keep the skin safe and free of bacteria that cause acne. It’s also best to use a non-clogging skin cleanser. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it may be an excellent remedy for this skin condition. 

CBD face cleansers may possess properties that allow them to neutralize acne-causing factors. These products may inhibit the cells responsible for acne’s activation. Thus, these minimize the impact on acne-prone skin. These products may also enable the skin to regenerate without causing inflammation or dryness. 

To use CBD cleansers, slowly massage the product into trouble areas for a few minutes. The product may potentially flush out sebum that’s responsible for acne. Carry out this procedure regularly during breakouts. 

  • Moisturizer 

Regardless of the cause, treating dry skin is a difficult task. Even with medication, preserving skin moisture may be challenging. There’s always a tendency to over-moisturize, which may hinder the skin’s oil production.

CBD moisturizers may contain the ideal combination of nutrients and substances to enrich and moisturize the skin. It may also aid in the prevention of skin peeling, rough spots, scratches, and cracks. 

These moisturizers may not interfere with the activity of the sebaceous glands. Rather, it reacts with the skin glands, which helps regulate oil production. Hence, it may assist dry skin in boosting its oil production. 

To use CBD moisturizers, directly massage the product to dry skin, and then leave it overnight for better results. 

  • Face Cream 

As you mature, your skin begins to exhibit symptoms of aging. The signs may include wrinkles and dullness. To maintain the skin’s health, anti-aging creams are recommended. Conveniently, there are many products available that can mitigate the impact of aging. One of the trendiest is CBD face creams. 

CBD creams contain antioxidants. These may enable the products to mitigate the noticeable effects of aging on your face. Other than that, CBD creams contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These acids may promote collagen formation to avoid unnecessary water loss. These may also aid in keeping the skin moisturized and looking healthy.

Beverly Hills Magazine CBD Face Cream

  • Soap 

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects normal skin cells. While this cannot be transmitted by physical touch, the skin could be difficult to manage. Its effects give the sufferer a great deal of discomfort. To relieve pain and inflammation, accelerated skin cell growth must be reduced. 

CBD soaps are gaining popularity due to the way it interacts with the skin to alleviate Psoriasis discomfort. These products may slow down the accelerated growth of skin cells, too.

  • Shampoo 

CBD shampoos are derived from CBD oil, which includes important ingredients that support hair development. These formulas contain fatty acids that may promote hair development. Fatty acids facilitate the production of keratin, which preserves hair strength and stimulates hair development. 

Another significant hair issue is breakage. Hair shafts are vulnerable to breakage as a result of repeated styling, coloring, and wear and tear. If you have these problems, CBD shampoos may help rejuvenate the scalp and reinforce the keratin coating of your hair strands. The healthier your hair fibers are, the less likely they are to snap.

  • Lip Balm 

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, hydrating CBD lip balm may help relieve chapped lips. These products may also include antibacterial properties that may protect your lips. Other than that, it may help relieve redness and inflammation across the lip line. This is particularly beneficial for people suffering from cold sores and allergic reactions. 

  • Bath Bomb 

CBD bath bombs may be an effective method of relieving body aches and pains while encouraging senses of relief and tranquility. These bath products are infused CBD oil, which is well-known for its soothing properties throughout the body. 

CBD bath bombs may provide immediate relaxation for the whole body without the need for excessive rubbing. Additionally, they’re usually prepared with essential oils, which may provide a calming and revitalizing therapy to boost health.  

  • Salve 

CBD salves are topical applications used to treat soreness, persistent discomfort, itchiness, and other skin disorders. CBD salves may be beneficial for people with dermatitis and eczema. 

When the patient applies the CBD salve to the infected region, the skin may immediately start to absorb the product, facilitating the healing phase. Through its calming influence on the skin, the salve may initiate the healing process and alleviate discomfort and itchiness. 

  • Sunscreen 

If an inch of protection is better than a cure, CBD sunscreens can be a good place to start. Along with the usual ingredients, these products also contain fatty acids. These may aid in the formation of an additional layer of SPF on the skin. 

Also, unlike conventional sunscreens, these products might be capable of preventing acne breakouts by controlling the skin’s sebum content. So, rubbing it all over your face may not have the same drawbacks. 

Due to the fact that no scientific trials on CBD sunscreen have been performed to date, these claims remain solely hypothetical for the time being. 


There are plenty of new ways to use CBD oil. Though CBD for beauty and cosmetics regimens is still in its early stages, the initial effects of CBD for skin health are very evident. Also, there are plenty of advantages, so it’s very enticing to try CBD oil products for the skin.

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