How to Approach the Guy You Like: 6 Tips

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Dating, during the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic, has become incredibly difficult and is now bordering on non-existent. Thankfully, the world is opening up again, vaccinations are being ruled out, and lockdowns are being drawn back. If you, like me, are looking forward to going out and mingling in bars, pubs, and clubs again, then you might also be wondering how to get back into the dating game, and how to approach the guy that you like. Approaching a guy and starting a conversation can be incredibly difficult, but with this page, it doesn’t need to be anymore.

Yes, in this article, we are going to tell you precisely how you can approach the guy that you like. If you have a special somebody in mind and you’ve been waiting for the world to open again, then you have likely been fantasizing and wondering how you will approach them; follow our guide to the letter and you’ll find that approaching guys’ is easier than ever before.

It is important, however, to still maintain social distance if it is a requirement of your government. The virus is still present.

Here is how to approach the guy that you like, and six tips for you to do so.

Getting Him to Notice You

The hardest part about meeting a guy is getting him to notice you. Getting a guy to notice you can be incredibly difficult, especially if you have not yet met one another, or have had no previous encounters with one another. Getting him to notice you is very important and can give way to him approaching you, which makes your life much easier. However, if he does not approach you when he has noticed you, you may have a shy guy on your hands, in which case, you will need to approach him. The easiest ways to get a man to notice you is to look your best, which we will move onto next, and to generally appear approachable and non-hostile. If your body language is hostile and unapproachable, he will probably avoid any direct contact with you, even if he is admiring you from a distance.

Look Your Best

If you want a guy to notice you, and to admire you, then you need to look your best. It’s quite simple, really. The first step in building a relationship is the initial attraction, and while you are attracted to him, it does not necessarily mean that he will be attracted to you. If you want to have him become attracted to you, which is not guaranteed mind you, you should look your best. That could be wearing your nicest clothes, doing your hair, doing your make-up if you are a woman, or just generally appearing presentable. Looking your best is something you likely already know how to do, though if you do not, you can always seek the advice of a beautician or a stylist to help you. Look your best for your first encounter.

Introduce Yourself

If he’s evidently shy or just hasn’t made the first move, you may want to introduce yourself. Introducing yourself to a guy for the first time can be very difficult. Ideally, your first encounter should be one that is flirty, happy, and fun. You do not want to come across as too serious, nor do you want to scare him off. You should be gentle and smooth in the way that you approach him and introduce yourself and you should try to avoid being commanding. Approach him softly, gently, and kindly. Introduce yourself, tell him your name, and shake his hand. If you are at a bar, then you can sit next to him, and if you are out, you can approach him in a way that makes it look like you were doing something else, for example, if he is looking at perfume, you should look at perfume too just to make the initial contact.

Compliment Him

A compliment can go a very long way. If you want him to like you off the bat, compliment him. It is very easy to appeal to a man’s ego, you know. Simply pick out a part of him that you like the best, whether it be his smile, his eyes, his chin, nose, or ears, and tell him that you like it. You can compliment his clothes, too, though you do not want to compliment his body off the bat, as this can give the wrong impression (which you do not want to do). Complimenting a man is a fantastic way to get to his heart and to have him like you. Don’t overlook how far a simple compliment can go when you want a guy to like you.

Eye Contact, Smile and Be Flirtatious

When you are talking to a man for the first time, you want to smile and make eye contact. Smiling and making eye contact is a great way for you to appeal to him and to make yourself appear friendly and approachable. Men generally do not want to deal with aggressive and dominating women (or men). You should smile as much as you can, make eye contact, and be light and flirtatious, without coming across as being too interested or too much. Be sure to do this and you will find that you can get into the head of any man.

Phone Number and Text Messaging

Once you have done all of this, he should have hopefully asked you for your number, but if not, you can ask him for his. Texting is a very important part of modern dating, say the love-sperts from, so do not overlook its importance. There are certain patterns and things that you must do when text messaging. It is a game – a game you must play carefully and wisely. If you do get his phone number, then it is a good sign and a sign that moving forward you two will hopefully be meeting up for an actual date!

Dating can be very difficult at times, we know. Well, with this page, it does not need to be. We hope that you have enjoyed today’s article and we thank you for coming and joining us. See you soon!

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