Zoom Call Accessories to Wear with Sweatpants

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We have long become accustomed to conducting business via Zoom and everything that comes with doing so. Now, we know to make sure that we aren’t stuck on mute (although we can’t say the same for everyone else) and are most definitely aware that no one is going to see anything from the waist down.

It didn’t take long for remote workers to get on board with the smart top, casual bottom fashion. This way, we look the part on camera, impressing managers, clients, and anyone else we may need to liaise with as the day goes on, all while feeling comfortable and relaxed in our sweatpants and slippers.

We just make sure never to stand up for anyone reason in the middle of a zoom conference call.

When you sit on a call with someone who is clearly sat in their converted spare room who appears to have made the effort, donning their best business attire, you don’t want to be caught out being the most dressed-down person. Being over-dressed is never a bad thing, as you are setting the bar – but attending a formal meeting looking as though you have just rolled out of bed, well that’s never a good thing.

To help you nail that formal remote worker look, we have listed a selection of fashion accessories you can wear on the video call.


A stylish pair of cufflinks are always a fantastic addition to any ensemble and, if you are particularly animated on your video call, unique and cool cufflinks make for a great accessory to add a little extra personality. The correct set of cufflinks represent your personality and, while they may not be instantly recognizable on-screen, especially if your attendees are viewing on a smaller device, they will at least add a little extra shine to your presentation.Zoom Call Accessories to Wear with Sweatpants #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #remoteworkers #fashionaccessory #accessoriesyouroutfit #zoomcalls

Lapel Pin

This is something that those who take great pride in their appearance will be most interested in. Wearing a smart blazer on your Zoom call will always go down a treat, but why should you stop there? A lapel pin takes your already considered outfit to the next level. We would recommend saving this for the most important of conference calls, otherwise, this accessory will lose its statement-making qualities. It just won’t feel as special as if you were to get it out for every call. Also, during the warmer months, you can be forgiven for not donning the blazer in preference of working in a cooler shirt and tie combination.

Pocket Square

Like a lapel pin, a pocket square also demands the wearer to be donning a smart blazer jacket which, in the summer, you probably won’t want to have on. A pocket square is a fashion accessory that is popular across several generations, making it a timeless piece. For the best look, always match your pocket square with your tie, otherwise, it will simply look as though there is far too much going on and your attendees won’t know where to look. You want to make a sophisticated statement, not distract them to the point they haven’t listened to a single word you have said.

Tie Clip

The tie clip is a piece of fashion that isn’t for everyone and, in some cases, gives off more of a formal business aura rather than the suave assertion you are aiming for. When worn correctly, the tie clip does offer sophistication and brightens up any look. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it by looking for a piece jampacked with too much going on. A basic gold or silver clip will suffice.

Collar Stiffener

Lastly, we recommend the collar stiffener. A piece that won’t actually be seen but serves an important purpose all the same. Keeping your collar on point is an often overlooked necessity – there is nothing worse than a creased collar ruining your entire ensemble. Even if you keep on top of your laundry and ironing, a rogue collar can still cause issues. Arm your shirt with a collar stiffener to avoid any embarrassing fashion faux pars.

Should you choose to incorporate any of the above accessories into your outfit, you will be the king of the Zoom call.

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