The Best and Worst Celebrity Diets

The Best and Worst Celebrity Diets
The Best and Worst Celebrity Diets

It’s no secret that the rich and famous often spend much of their spare time exercising. Celebrities also follow a variety of dieting strategies, some of which can be controversial. It’s also a well-known fact that many folks follow the dieting and exercise tips used by their favorite stars. 

The trouble is; some of those ways of losing weight can be quite dangerous for your health! If you’re interested in following a celebrity diet plan, which one is best for you? The following are some of the good ones to consider, and the bad ones to avoid.

A simple concept, the 75/25 diet is popular with many celebrities. In a nutshell, 75% of the food you eat is good for you, while the remaining 25% isn’t! The latter can be things like chocolate bars or other snacks.

Why does that work? The answer is simple! If you allow yourself to indulge in some “naughty” foods, you are less likely to give up on your diet.

Bad: The 5/2 diet

Jimmy Kimmel once revealed to a men’s magazine that he was on the 5/2 diet. In layman’s terms, he ate normal meals on five days of the week. The other two, Kimmel had nothing over 500 calories. He said Monday and Thursday are his “starving” days, while the others he eats like a pig!

As you can imagine, such a diet is not a good idea because you give your body too much of a shock. Plus, on the starving days, you’ll crave sugary snacks which make the whole diet a bit pointless.

The Best and Worst Celebrity Diets

Good: do plenty of regular exercises

Yes, it’s an obvious fact to state, but regular exercise is good for your body! Combined with a balanced diet, many celebs have kept their bodies toned and are fit and healthy. Even the ones in their twilight years!

While many celebs spend time at the gym, others prefer to do plenty of outdoor activities. People like Julia Roberts enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, for example. So, if you’ve got a spare board, a paddle board PFD, and a lake or ocean near you, you’re all set!

People like Mark Wahlberg also enjoy playing golf, and Teri Hatcher hits the streets on her bike. There’s bound to be an exercise activity you’ll enjoy, and one that your celebrity idols do as well.

 Bad: Work out like there’s no tomorrow

While there’s nothing wrong with some regular exercise in small doses, doing a lot of working out is bad! Natalie Portman once went on a 1,200 calorie diet for her role in Black Swan.

What she also did was spend 5-8 hours each day exercising to achieve her goal of losing 20 pounds. As you can imagine, so much exercise with so little food fuel is bad for your body.

Remember: even if a diet strategy worked for a celeb, it doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful to your health! Be sure to seek professional advice before starting a diet and exercise plan.


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