How To Become A Fashion Designer

How To Become A Fashion Designer
How To Become A Fashion Designer

It is any designer’s dream to break into the industry as there is no better to place to work. In fashion, the people creating the suits and dresses get to create the trends, too, and that is an unbelievable honor.  But, it isn’t as easy as saying ‘I’m going to be a designer and everyone will wear my clothes.’ The truth is that getting a foothold in the business is one of the hardest challenges to any newbie as the industry is cliquey and elitist. There are ways to do it, however, and few is a handful of them that will help.

Exploit The Cyber Highway

Once upon a time, a designer had to rely on word of mouth for anyone to give them the respect they deserve. Nowadays, there is no need for word of mouth advertising when you have the internet as a website can catch fire with very little fuel. In fact, you don’t need much for it to go viral and for everyone to know who you are and what you produce. An expert in web design is a must as you can’t afford a high bounce rate, plus you will need a host. After all, you want to break into the fashion industry, not information technology. Then, you have to provide the viewer with something they don’t have. As long as you have creative designs, this won’t be a problem.

Network Every Nook & Cranny

Like the advertising methods, the way people network is also a lot different. Of course, the retro ways still exist and work a treat. But, like everything in the twenty-first century, networking is also online. The good news is you don’t have to bother about picking a favorite because you will use both. A novice in the fashion business has to spread the word, and they can’t do it without a variety of platforms. So, it is just as imperative that you go to the industry events as is it you have a LinkedIn profile. In your case, quantity is more important than quality for the short-term.

Find A Platform

For obvious reasons, you will have your heart set on being a designer because that is your trade. But, not everyone is lucky enough to secure their dream job – most of the time, you have to work your way to the top. Fashion is no different, which is why a platform is essential. A website is a good option as long as it gets a lot of traffic and it is reputable. Or, a magazine is an excellent choice as it provides you with a medium to have your say on the latest trends. You will find it amazing how many journalists land jobs because of their reputation.

One final thing – always try and learn as much about the industry as possible. Knowledge is power as it provides you with the tools to break down barriers. The business of fashion works in mysterious ways, and you have to know what these ways are before you create a buzz.

(Images by Ferragamo SS’ 2017, Milan)


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