Super Foods For A Healthy Life

Super Foods For A Healthy Life
Super Foods For A Healthy Life

For everyone on a diet, the goal is to lose weight. But, it doesn’t stop there because that is only half of the job. You not only want to lose weight, but you should also want to be healthy. You see, being and staying in shape is a result of a consistent healthy lifestyle, which can only be achieved by the healthy life choices you make. Your attitude, your food choices, and your exercise habits all contribute to your overall health. (Image Credit)

In today’s modern world, we are always on the lookout for short-term answers. No one is bothered about sticking to a diet for the long-term because that is too hard. Normally, that would be the right attitude. Diets are medium to long-term processes, and those that are short-term tend to be fake and dangerous.

However, there is one technique that can promote quick weight loss, and it is healthy: eating super foods. Here are a few that will get your metabolism revving like a Formula One car.


Possibly some of the healthiest food on the planet, salmon is first on the list. There is no better place to start because salmon is full of Omega-3 fatty acids. These particular acids are full of antioxidants that enable the body to absorb the good nutrients. Plus, salmon is lean and full of protein. Most sources of protein, like red meat, are hard to break down and burn off. Salmon goes straight into the bloodstream, ready to be used during your next workout.


Super Foods For A Healthy LifeWhat’s great about blueberries is their size: they are tiny! As a result, they have hardly any calories, which make them a great choice. You can guzzle back a bucket load of blueberries, and you would hardly put a dent in your daily intake. Because you can have a few at one time, they are a great food to make you feel full. That means less snacking and less junk food.


Technically, chili con carne is a mix of foods. But, you have to mix everything together to get the health benefits. A good bowl of chili is full of fiber, and fiber makes you feel fuller. Okay, it might be a little high on the calorie side of things, but you might only eat once or twice in the day. If you want to lose weight, you should always incorporate a healthy dose of fiber into your body.


Another food full of fiber, broccoli has another benefit every weight loss addict needs to hear. A hefty serving of broccoli is only thirty calories a serving! If you want to define super foods, they are the foods that fill you up and are not full of nasty calories and fats. In that regard, broccoli takes the crown. Although, most fruit and vegetables will do the trick as long as they are prepared properly. One particular source,, is fond of cucumber as a good weight loss agent, so there is no definitive or exhaustive list.

BamNut Milk

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BamNut, which is also known as Bambara groundnut, is a legume that is a resilient crop native in West Africa. It has the ability to grow in arid climates and poor soil conditions not needing any pesticides or fertilizers. Included in these countries are India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and even United States. What BamNut is known for is its being a complete food already. It contains 20% protein, 18% fiber, B vitamins, natural Iron, and 7 minerals. Talk about a sustainable milk product. What’s more BamNut helps communities such as farmers through their agricultural practices. Furthermore, BamNut offers outreach programs that reconnect its consumers with its farmers. Milk definitely tastes better when it is sustainable and helps others.

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