‘Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour’ CASTING

JO FROST Nanny on Tour is CASTING NOW!!!
JO FROST Nanny on Tour is CASTING NOW!!!

When it comes to fixing families in distress, only one expert has gained the respect of parents across the globe: Jo Frost. Now, Frost’s Nanny Jo Productions is teaming up with UP TV to produce a new original series, “Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour,” that will help families evolve through all stages of parenting from newborns and toddlers to tweens and teens.  In the series, Jo will address many 21st century parental concerns, such as video game addiction, cyber-bullying, single parent stress, blended family feuds, and much more. Based on her highly successful international format, production has commenced in cities across the U.S. on ten one-hour episodes that will premiere on UP during the first quarter of 2016.

In the new UP series, Jo will travel to a new city each week and work with one family that desperately needs her expertise.  Before she arrives, she will monitor the family’s behavior from her mobile RV office, via surveillance cameras which the family agrees to have placed throughout their home, and then will hit the ground running. Using a combination of well-honed techniques, sincerity, love and humor, Jo will pinpoint each family’s challenges and give parents practical tools that they can implement on their own.  Jo will make sure each family stays on track with the homework assignments they are given and will rejoice in their progress and counsel them during setbacks.

In addition to working one-on-one with families, Jo will also travel into communities, dispensing her advice and delivering quick fixes on the spot, in places such as shopping malls, airports, parks, schools and other town centers. Wherever there are parents in need, Jo will be there on a mission to save America’s families – one community at a time!

Amy Winter, EVP/GM, UP, said, “I watched Jo Frost before I ever had kids of my own, just to gain insight into real-life child-rearing issues and how to handle them. Now that I have three young children, I find myself applying Jo’s lessons on a regular basis. Our new series will deal with issues that are unique to 21st Century child rearing; things that parents of past generations never had to deal with. Jo will tackle situations including cyber-bullying, whether kids are spending too much time playing video games, when is it appropriate for children to get a cell phone, social media issues and so much more. This will be a transformative and highly entertaining series for a new generation of families with kids of all ages.”

Jo said, “I have spent the last 11 years committed to helping families across America.  I am privileged and honored to join with UP to have the opportunity to continue my purpose traveling to different communities across the United States to not only help families one-on-one but, to take what I do to the next level and bring to the forefront the importance of providing a public service to many families in a community. This ‘factuality’ series will enable me to gain great insight and give staple advice by breaking the fourth wall and showing viewers the importance of addressing every family member if need be. My new mobile RV office creates the perfect environment as I tour around America being instrumental in helping families who feel they are in helpless situations so that they can transform into a much improved version of themselves.”

Production on “Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour” will begin in the southeast and will travel across the country as Jo helps families in need.

Casting for the series is still in progress.  Interested parents who are seeking advice and who would like to be considered for Jo’s new series may SUBMIT FOR CASTING HERE or at www.UPtv.com/NannyJoTour.

In addition to “Supernanny,” Jo’s highly effective methods of child-rearing have been seen by millions worldwide on such popular TV shows as “Jo Frost: Family Matters,” “Family SOS” and the international series, “Jo Frost Nanny on Tour.” In addition, Jo is a New York Times bestseller and the author of several insightful parenting guides, including her newest book, Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules.

UP Presents “Jo Frost:  Nanny on Tour,” produced by Nanny Jo Productions.  Starring and executive produced by Jo Frost.  Christian Horner is Executive Producer.  Mike Evans is Executive in Charge.

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