Summer Health Tips

Summer Health Tips
Summer Health Tips

Are you looking to tone up and lose a little weight? If you are aiming to get a flat stomach by the summer, it comes down to three things; eating the right foods, exercising and efficient digestion. All these contribute to getting you ready to feel confident in a bikini and the most important thing, improving your health and fitness. Read on for more guidance and help. (Image Credit)


A lot of women can shy away from lifting weights, but it is important to build a little muscle. The more muscles you have, the quicker your body can burn fat and the faster your metabolism will be. You don’t need to be at body building standards, but cardio alone is not enough to tone up. It is important to stretch and relax your muscles when they are a little tight too. I love using a foam roller; I think they help a lot. You can buy a foam roller from somewhere like

If you were just to do sit ups day after day, your stomach would get stronger, but it wouldn’t get flatter. You need to reduce your body fat too. This is where a mixture of cardio and weight training exercises comes in. Short bursts of high-intensity exercises will help you on your way to reducing body fat.

Rather than just running on a treadmill, think about other exercises to do. Things like burpees and squat jumps will get you out of breath a lot quicker and increase your heart rate. Increasing your heart rate will make your metabolism speed up and help you to burn fat. Those types of exercises use your body weight more too so you will see changes faster. So you should do some ab exercises but mix it up with whole body workouts and strength training. Aim to do at least 30 minutes per day, around five times per week. Stick to it and you will feel healthy, strong and amazing.

Eating the Right Foods

You need to be fueling your body with nutrients and good, wholesome foods. If you aren’t, you will struggle to exercise and will feel tired all the time. You also shouldn’t starve yourself. This is not a healthy way to get the body that you want.

Try to stay away from refined sugar and refined carbohydrates. These will affect your blood sugar levels which affect your energy levels ( you can read more about blood sugar levels at might give you a burst of energy but it will be short-lived, and then you will have a tired slump. They will also hinder your body’s ability to burn fat. Complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or vegetables should be included in your diet, though. Be sure to include high fibre foods in your diet too and avoid fizzy drinks. This will help your body to aid digestion and stop you feeling bloated. Any stomach that isn’t bloated looks flatter, right?


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