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Kamala Harris continues to inspire so many people, especially women around the world. Following her latest achievement as the USA’s vice president, most women showed their support during the inauguration. An event that let so many women wear pearl jewelry in Kamala’s support showed how influential Kamala is in both the political and fashion world. Her classic pearls collection has gained popularity because of the environment-friendly nature under which pearls are produced.

Pearl Curation

To celebrate Women’s History Month, pearl retailer and distributor The Pearl Source decided to celebrate influential women throughout history by designing a curated line of jewelry inspired by the VP. The pearl jewelry will be a curation inspired by women who have impacted women politically, culturally, and economically. 

Kamala Harris was picked as the first curation. Pearls are seen as a symbol of beauty and feminine resilience and a symbol of women’s empowerment. Many women groups are now adopting pearls jewelry to show support to each other, and as Kamala Harris has been known to always feature pearls in her wardrobe, she was chosen as the first curation. The pearls’ proceeds will support issues affecting women and give a spotlight to those influential women.

Pearl Collection

The jewels have been made from the finest pearls produced in the world, handpicked and designed by the best jewelers, and we take a look at some of Kamala Harris’s curated collections.

  • Opera Length Japanese Akoya Necklace

The 7.5-8.0 mm pearl-sized necklace is made with an AA+ quality though it is upgradable to AAA or Hanadama quality. The necklaces have a white, ivory, or rose pearl overtone. The major clasps are the finesse white or yellow gold and the Gabriella white and yellow gold. The necklace is an opera length and is suitable for shoulder type of clothes.

  • Tincup Deborah Necklace

This beautiful necklace features 9mm. Baroque-shaped pearls picked from the fresh waters of China. The necklace comes in different lengths ranging from 18-inch princes to opera. It is made of AAA quality and has white gold.

  • Tahitian South Sea Lina Earrings

The 10mm pearl-sized earrings have a black, green, and silver Tahitian overtone. The pearls are threaded on either 14k yellow or white gold. The pearl size and the AAA quality are both upgradeable. The pearls used on the earrings are of high luster.

  • Tahitian South Sea Bracelets

The bracelets are made up of 9-10mm sized, AAA-quality pearls. The pearls have black, silver, and green overtones. The primary clasp in the peals is Gabriella and Infinity clasp. Both contain 14k white or yellow gold. The 7.5mm bracelets are made from high luster pearls.

  • Golden South Sea Necklace

The necklace comes in either a chocker or princess length. The pearl sizes range between 12-15mm made with AAA quality. The clasps are either the 18k yellow old twist clasp or the 18k yellow gold diamond pave clasp. The pearls have a very high luster

Inspiring a Noble Course

As the proceeds from the sale of the Power Pearls will be used to support the non-profit organizations that support women across the world, it’s safe to say that Kamala Harris has indeed inspired a noble course. By adding pearl curations to your wardrobe, you don’t just find a way to look beautiful; you also find a way to empower women in the world.

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