Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power’s AVALINE Launches DTC Program

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Avaline, a clean and transparent wine brand founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, has finally granted the request of its numerous consumers to have a direct-to-consumer business model.

Where they can order the wine directly without visiting any of their 2500 physical stores around the nation; thereby, making it easy-to-buy and more accessible for everyone.

Not only that, the brand has partnered with the Lift collective to donate a percentage of the proceeds to the organization throughout the month of March. The Lift Collective is an organization that advocates for positive change in the wine industry.

Moreover, their partnership with the Lift Collective also involves granting Avaline scholarships to female founders in the wine industry. The scholarship features access to mentorship and funding opportunities provided by Avaline.

Also, the two notable female founders of the brand seek to establish more of their kind in the wine industry, hence, their partnership with the Lift Collective.

They’ve offered to sponsor interested female founders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to this year’s Lift Collective conference holding on March 23rd and 24th.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power are so excited about the DTC launch because they are finally able to grant their consumers’ number one request.
“Throughout this incredible year of growth for Avaline, the number one request we got from our community was to launch a direct-to-consumer option on our site. Cameron and I are so proud to finally bring this need to life! We can’t wait to share our gratitude directly with our loyal community for making this successful year possible,” Katherine said.

You can now order the portfolio directly from and have exclusive access to early releases and online bundles like The Essentials (Red, White & Rose).

Avaline channels vegan-friendly, transparently produced wines made from organic grapes with no additives, coloring agents, and unnecessary sugars.

The wine comes in four different line-ups. The Avaline Sparkling, the newest member of the tribe, comes with a dry yet refreshing taste all the way from Spain. The Avaline Rose comes from Provence and has a combined taste of melon and zest. Katherine especially loves this one.

Also, Cameron surely has her favorite: The Avaline Red. Its hints of cherry and touch of spice make it perfect for all seasons. Last but not least, because more wines are definitely coming, the Avaline White. Made for easy drinking, it features hints of citrus and a crisp fresh finish.

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