How your Home can Help with Your Mental Health 

Beverly Hills Magazine How your Home can Help with Your Mental Health 
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Taking care of your home may seem like a chore, but home décor does impact your mental health. 

What does it do though for you? While it isn’t the end-all solution to improving your health and wellness, adding a few nice touches to your home can change your mental health, and here we’ll talk about how taking care of your home, and adding your own features, can improve your mental health. 

It Improves Your Well-Being 

When a home truly feels like your own space, it’s good for your well-being. Think about it—a home that you’ve taken care of, decorated, and truly put together will feel more like your space than perhaps a space with a bunch of garbage and other items all over the place. 

When you feel overwhelmed or anxious, sometimes cleaning up your space is good. And of course, making it your own does bring forth happiness that may otherwise not be there. 

Your Personality Makes it a Safe Space for You 

Your personality does make it a space that you can enjoy. 

A lot of times, if you inject your personality into your decoration, or even into the way your home looks, it becomes a space that you can enjoy on your own.

And that does make it a safe space for you.  By having objects that are familiar and that you like, it can give you those little boosts of serotonin.  Having little figurines for example can give your home a fun personality, and it’s great if you really like to collect that. 

A Happy Home to Unwind 

Having a place to unwind that you can truly call your home is great. 

With interior decorating focused on making it a good space for you, when everything’s said and done, it can be really good and therapeutic for you.

Think about it: after a long day, coming home to a space that really feels like your own is really good, and it can be a good one for you to enjoy too. A lot of people do feel better, and more secure with their stable space if you have it set up so that it’s the premier place to unwind after a long day, when you do need it. 

Smells and How it Helps 

Scents are also good for your home.  When you have scents that match your home, it’ll make you feel good. Smelling garbage and other foul things won’t make you feel good, and instead bring you down. Instead of having bad smells, try to incorporate smells that you like, or ones that make you feel warm and calm.  Lavender is always a great one, if you’re stumped on where to find smells.

Creating Happy Moments 

You should make your home a happy place, so create those happy moments. Make sure to show off the memories of those you love, or even put things that make you happy. 

Even these tiny reminders of things that make you feel good will help. 

And this also ties into of course, making sure that any problems are properly repaired. Fix the plumbing if needed, paint anything that looks bad, and replace older items. This can help you make sure that you have the proper space that you will love! 

Let there be Light  

Finally, make sure you’ve got light. Specifically, natural light from time to time.

Natural light is good for Vitamin D production, can boost your mood, and help offset depression symptoms.  

You should try to open up windows when you can, and of course add some nice light to the place if possible. Don’t try to hide your windows behind bushes or curtains all the time. 

More Than Just Your Home 

Of course, changing up your home is great and all, but it’s not a replacement for proper therapy.  That’s right, getting great psychotherapy can assist you, and make you feel better.

If you do have some issues that aren’t easily fixed, you should seek out therapy.  If you’re curious about therapy, know that there are a lot of types. You can go to https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/psychotherapy/how-different-psychotherapy-techniques-can-impact-you/ to learn more about this and find some therapy that can benefit you on many levels, and impact your life. 



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