How To Get Your Best Fitness Body Now

How To Get Your Best Body Now #health #fitness #personaltrainer #weightlifting #fitnessworld #bestbodynow #beachbody #summer #workouts #exercises
How To Get Your Best Body Now #health #fitness #personaltrainer #weightlifting #fitnessworld #bestbodynow #beachbody #summer #workouts #exercises

Definitely a combination of nutrition and physical activity will contribute a great deal to get your best body now.

In terms of training, a combination of functional body weight training & high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with parcfitness can be a great solution for individuals. You can burn as many calories as possible as well as improve the cardiovascular system, muscular endurance, and gaining strength. HIIT demonstrates to expend more calories during a short bout of exercise compared to other exercise types. Science has shown that through HIIT the human body may burn extra calories post exercise as well as throughout the day because of the increased level of hormones such as epinephrine and endorphin.

As many may know, daily nutrition plays a major role in the process of getting the best body! Many short cut options are available in today’s life pertaining to nutrition. Those options may not be ideal. The first step is to always seek professional knowledge. Understanding the quantity of macronutrient intake such as carbohydrates (daily 45 to 55%), protein (daily 20 to 30%), and fat (daily 20 to 30%) will definitely impact the process. Remember that each individual has different and particular needs and goals.

 Understanding your body type can also be a major factor to getting your best body now. For example, literature shows three different body types; ectomorph: lean, long, and may present some difficulty building muscle; endomorph: big, tendency to have and/or store high body fat also known as pear-shaped; mesomorph: muscular and well-built, tendency to have high metabolism as well as being quick to respond to training.

With that, training and nutrition should be tailored according to the individual’s specific needs. The most beautiful aspect of exercising to get your best body now is that everyone has the potential to achieve his/her desired outcome.

How To Get Your Best Body Now #health #fitness #personaltrainer #weightlifting #fitnessworld #bestbodynow #beachbody #summer #workouts #exercises

Top Ways To Gain Muscle?

A combination of weight training and specific nutrition of protein intake can substantially increase an individual’s capacity of gaining lean muscle mass. For example, a three time per week moderate to heavy intensity weight training program can be very effective. The split training style can be implemented as follows: 2 to 4 exercises for each muscle group; 2 to 4 sets; 8 to 10 repetitions; muscles to be used chest/pectoral and triceps. Next training day, back and biceps and the week training can be completed with shoulders and leg. Regarding nutrition, protein intake should be 1.6 to 2.0 g/kg/day, in order to promote appropriate muscle growth. A weight training methodology should be implemented based on each individual’s need as well as personal characteristics. Many different exercises can help to build/gain muscle. The variation of equipment used also plays an important role as individuals progress through the fitness program.

How To Get Your Best Body Now #health #fitness #personaltrainer #weightlifting #fitnessworld #bestbodynow #beachbody #summer #workouts #exercises

Best Ways To Burn Fat?

Scientifically speaking, the human body will always use/burn fat as source of energy, this way individuals can function throughout their daily activities such as, working in the office and or cleaning a house. In fact, the body when at rest uses a great quantity of fat to supply metabolic needs. Now, how can an individual maximize fat burning through exercising? Many studies concluded that, as individuals improve capacities of VO2max as well as adding lean muscle mass, the body will increase its competence to use/burn fat as a source of energy overall.

Specifically in the fitness world, aerobic training can be used targeting FATmax for optimal fat burning. Exercise intensity should be between 50 to 65 % of VO2max. The downside of this option is, it can be time consuming as one may need several hours of training in order to achieve desired outcomes. Contrasting this, HIIT can be a great option for total calories burnt in a very short period of training compared to longer aerobic exercise.

How To Get Your Best Body Now #health #fitness #personaltrainer #weightlifting #fitnessworld #bestbodynow #beachbody #summer #workouts #exercises

About the Author : Reinaldo Caetano is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started training his friends back in Brazil when he was 15 years old and playing professional youth football (soccer). Throughout his professional football career, he learned a significant amount of fitness training and the human body anatomy as well as physiology. Currently, he works as a fitness personal trainer and a professional academy youth soccer coach – which gives him 8 years of experience training and coaching. Recently, he started his Master of Science in Kinesiology.

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