Getting Fit for Summer

Getting Fit for Summer #gettingfit
Getting Fit for Summer #gettingfit

Summer is all about outdoors and freshness, so how can someone exercise indoors? Indoor exercises are only good for winters when you can work out and stay warm too. The combination of summer and outdoors gives us a huge number of options to maintain health and fitness. After all, there is so much to do outdoors. From volleyball at the beach to a good swim at your club all are good options for getting fit.


Swimming is almost the best thing you can do in summer for getting fit. A good dip in water is all you need to get respite from the scorching heat. Add to it a workout regime and you have a winning combination of fun and fitness. There are a number of exercises that can be performed while swimming. Talk to a swimming instructor for wonderful tips on health and fitness related to swimming.

Beach Volleyball

A good game of volley ball exercises a lot of muscles in the body. Add to it the scenic beauty of a beach and what you have is an excellent outdoor exercise that helps you in getting fit in no time. Beach volleyball is a good exercising technique that combines fun with exercising. Just find an empty spot on the beach, put up a net, invite a few friends and get healthy the fun way.


Yoga is best done outdoors.  May be that statement is not 100% true but it is fun to exercise outdoors and so is the case with yoga. Grab a yoga mattress and head to a beach or park. Find a peaceful corner and start with your asana. You will get one of the best workouts of your life out in the nature and you won’t have to worry about your health again.


Not many people know that hiking is more than a hobby. It is actually a good workout plan. When hiking you burn a lot of calories and that too right in the middle of nature. Research has proven that hiking is a good workout regime and can be taken up as a serious routine. Make it more fun by hiking with a group. Hiking out in the nature is the best thing one can do in the summer season. The only thing one has to ensure is to keep the body dehydrated and avoid extreme temperatures.


Jogging is the age old fitness mantra. It is one of the most trusted and used fitness regimes because of the simplicity of the exercise. And what is better than outdoors to jog. So, to get healthy, find some time for jogging. It is a good workout for a number of muscle sets in the body, plus it is an excellent cardio exercise. Just find a good jogging track and start running after some initial warming up. Jogging gets even better with a partner, so run with a friend to have a good workout.

Summer workouts are more fun because of their outdoorsy nature. It has been proven that people stay motivated when they workout outdoors and with other people. Getting fit definitely becomes fun when you are not getting bored of exercising and summer workouts do just that for you.

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