Why Is Music So Important for Human Civilization?

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You’ll struggle to find people who hate music. Of course, some would claim that music makes no difference to human civilization, but none will be able to utter the words, “I hate music.”

According to experts, the urge to make art is as much a basic instinct as hunger is. We create art as we feel the need of leaving a mark on this world. Music is one of the purest forms of art humans can make.

If you check top YouTube music channels such as the French Mademoiselles Channel, you’ll know how passionate people can be about music. This passion originates from the immense importance of music to human civilization. Read on to know why music is so important for the human race.

Music Make People Healthier and Happier

Businesses like the FGL Productions Thierry Wolf’s company are contributing immensely to society by producing music and promoting fresh talents. The more frequent the creation of quality music the happier and healthier we would remain.

During a recent study, researchers found that attending music shows regularly can increase our longevity significantly. The findings of the study suggested that one can experience 20% betterment in his or her wellbeing after listening to music for 20 minutes.

The same study also concluded that kids who visit singing classes or participate in choir tend to have greater satisfaction rates compared to those who are not involved with any such activities.

Listening to Music from a Very Tender Age Makes Us Smarter

You must expose your kid to some form of music from a very young age. You should ideally start when the bundle of joy is just a few days old. The music can be of any kind, classical music, kids’ songs, or lullabies.

Musical experiences will accelerate your child’s brain development. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of South Carolina revealed that a child who knows playing a musical instrument possesses better mathematical learning ability than the ones who don’t play any such instrument.

Music Unites People

Indeed, musicians need isolation to create high-quality music. To be more precise, writing songs, composing music, practicing singing, etc. are jobs that can be done effectively only in seclusion. However, if you want recognition for your musical creations, you’ll need to spend an equal amount of time with others i.e., the public.

As music unites creators with listeners and allows people belonging to both groups to enjoy their time, it fights and successfully kills one of the greatest maladies of the 21st century: Loneliness.

Musicians can reach hundreds of thousands of fans just by creating good music. Listeners, on the other hand, get to know many like-minded people who love similar kinds of tunes and forms of music. Knowing more and more people and creating music-based communities have become more frequent since the advent of social media.

Final Words

Music is one of the very few things that has no adverse side effects. This fact is enough to make it important for human civilization.

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