Emerging Photographer: Bing Luo’s Exhibition

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In recent years, emerging photographer entering the spotlight of the mainstream Hollywood photography circle, Bing Luo opened her photography exhibition with “Blossom” as the theme in Los Angeles on Aug 15, 2021, taking the stage at the reputable Rebecca Molayem Gallery located in LA’s famous artist district, La Brea. This photography exhibition was hosted by the Asian Young Artists Association (AAYA) and planned by AAYA secretary Weihong Cai, selecting photography of people and the nature created by the photographer, Bing Luo, during the pandemic, fusing in oriental aesthetic concepts. “Blossom” includes three subjects: “Kui Lam,” “For Sun,” and “Lethe.”

This offline exhibition invited the primary creators of these photographs to recreate the shoot, allowing visitors and audience coming to the exhibition to grasp the photographer’s creative concept at a close distance.

“Blossom” includes pieces created under the subjects of “Kui Lam,” “For Sun,” and “Lethe.” “Kui Lam” and “For Sun” are works in the “flower” series, integrating botanicas with figures, creating a fresh aesthetics by complementing each other. Luo believed that both humans and the botanicas were created by nature and thus were a part of nature. That all things were equal as they were created, recreated, and recreated again by what was created. Like humans, plants thrived in the spring, endured the wind and the rain in the summer, withered in the autumn, and returned to the ground in winter.

Meanwhile, “Lethe” told the story where a spiritual being accidentally came to the human realm. Via various bodily sensations, her memories of the human world were stimulated. “Lethe” was the first set of the new-concept Chinese style work Luo created in collaboration with stylist Fengwan Qing. Qing was fluent in adding different traditional Chinese elements to her work. When Luo first saw the concept of “Lethe,” he immediately resonated with Qing and decided to create a collaboration. The principle behind the new-concept Chinese style is combining traditional Chinese cultural elements with various contemporary art, mainly by fusing oriental aesthetic cultural elements into different designs and styles. The stories each style had as its background, and the many elements fused in, would become the main characteristics of the new-concept Chinese style in the future.

Born in Shanghai, China, Luo currently resides in Los Angeles and is now one of the promising emerging photographers in Hollywood. He has collaborated with many magazines and brands across the globe in the past and stood out in the North American photography circle with his unique oriental photography style. During this exhibition, hundreds of local LA audiences came following his fame. His work received high tributes from photography professionals both in China and in the US. It is said that some pieces in Luo’s solo exhibition have been chosen for the internationally renowned photography exhibition ImageNation and will be showing in the photography exhibition planned in Milan, Italy, in September.

On the first day of the exhibition, many artists were attracted to the show, and the attendees included Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) chair Georges Chamchoum, director of “Dallas Buyers Club,” the famous Jean-Marc Vallée, musician and Tik Tok streamer Tam, Los Angeles Times (English) chairman Richard Ren.

This photography exhibition is also the first art exhibition produced by AYAA after the pandemic. Among these, one piece from the “Lethe” series was sold at 3,600 USD (approx. 23,300 CNY). Throughout the exhibition, the total online and offline sales were 5,100 USD (approx. 33,100 CNY), and the full amount was donated to “AYAA Asian Young Artists Association” by Luo, intended to aid more Asian young artists’ creations.

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