Top Online Finance Courses

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Leveling up your knowledge in finance is always a great idea. After all, finance specialists are always in demand. Read on for the list of top finance courses that are worth investing your time in.

Which Finance Courses Are Effective?

The market nowadays is bustling with finance courses. But how do you choose the one that will prove to be the most effective? We have compiled a list of the courses that have collected the best feedback and have an impeccable reputation among users.

Financial Markets

A course on financial markets from Robert Shiller, a professor at Yale University, author of the famous book “Irrational Optimism”. This course is amazing for those who are just starting to explore the world of finance. It is a 4.8/5 online course that has been taken by millions of students worldwide. After its successful completion, you will receive a certificate and, of course, useful knowledge.

Financial Theory

This is yet another open Yale University course conducted by professor John Geanakoplos. It covers financial theory and focuses on the role of financial institutions in the economy and hedge funds. The course is taught on campus two times a week (75 minutes per session).

Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance

This is an online course that combines the study of mathematics and finance from one of the best universities in the world, MIT. The program includes the study of individual sections of mathematics and econometrics with their practical application in finance. The course materials have free access, so you can watch all 26 lectures at your own pace.

Corporate Finance

This free YouTube course is an introduction to corporate finance from a professor at the New York Business School. The lectures last for approximately thirty-nine hours and cover the material required for a basic understanding of the subject. The course collected over 200 000 views and plenty of positive feedback.

Personal Finance

Knowledge of personal finance is key to understanding how the money flow works and is useful not only for those interested in finance but also for all people who want to rationalize their spending. This personal finance course teaches students how to structure their own income and expenses properly. It lasts approximately 7 weeks and is completely free of charge!

Accounting Analytics

This course is led by Brian J Bushee from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. It offers an introduction to the subject for those who have never dealt with accounting or financial records before. The course takes around 10 hours to complete and is free to attend, but you must pay for it if you require a certificate.

Portfolio Risk Management

This is one of the best practice-oriented finance courses out there. Led by Tony Berrada of Geneva University, this course will introduce you to the basic principles of portfolio formation and risk management. It is an intensive 8-hour online course with flexible deadlines.

Starting Educating Yourself on Finance Without Delay!

As you can see, there are plenty of free courses at your disposal online. However, if you wish to opt for a paid course or even apply for a degree in finance, Payday Depot will gladly assist you with your expenses.

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