If You Live in Beverly Hills, You Probably Did Something Worth Writing A Memoir About

If You Live in Beverly Hills, You Probably Did Something Worth Writing A Memoir About #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #liveinbeverlyhills #writingservices
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Do you live in Beverly Hills? Chances are you didn’t grow up there and something drew you in. The place itself is a star in its own right, and the people who live there are even more interesting. They are what make the city come alive.

Los Angeles has been the epicenter of dream-seekers from all over the world, yearning to be the next big star or star make. Most regular people don’t have the financial capability to make that big move to pursue their dreams. Those that do have the chance to move to the City of Angels find themselves in a wild, new environment. But there is a reason they call it one of the toughest places to live and succeed. Prices are high and the competition is vast and fierce. Those that make it up the ladder to forge out a successful path consider themselves to have made it once they move to Beverly Hills.

Solidifying its place as one of the most elite cities to reside came with the start of the entertainment industry. As the mansions went up and the land got more beautiful, all the most talented and influential power players wanted to live in Beverly Hills. It was the ultimate status symbol. People like Hugh Hefner made the city even more famous with his creation of the Playboy brand and the sprawling mansion parties that came with it, in adjacent Holmby Hills. Most people yearned for the opportunity to attend a mansion party.

Another pioneer who would help make Beverly Hills a city everyone knew was Aaron Spelling. The massively-successful television and film producer with hit shows such as Charlie’s Angels, The Love Boat, Melrose Place, Dynasty, and 90210. That show alone made the Beverly Hills zip code known all over the world. Viewers became enthralled with the lifestyle and landscape as they dreamed about being one of those rich kids that stomped the halls of Beverly Hills High.

From producers, directors, actors, writers, and film financiers to reality stars, social media influencers, and hairdressers to the stars, if you are living in Beverly Hills there is a great likelihood that you have a good story to tell. How did you get there, why do you live there, and why do you stay? What sort of adventures have you had while living there?

Today, Beverly Hills is not only reserved for those in the entertainment business. Now the rich and famous from all walks of life migrate there for the weather, restaurants, designer clothing shops, hair salons and spas, and the status of the 90210. Also, world-famous Rodeo Drive is in Beverly Hills!

A memoir is a snippet of time in someone’s life that is interesting and often valuable. Many in Beverly Hills are sure to have some juicy tales to share in a memoir. The only thing stopping them might be the fact that they aren’t writers, or they don’t want to give up credit to a professional writer.

Writing a memoir that sells is not always easy, especially if you don’t have the writing skills. This is where ghostwriters come in. They work behind the scenes and you get all the credit. In fact, most memoirs and biographies were written by ghostwriters or credited collaborators.

A ghostwriter takes your ideas and formulates them into the type of memoir you’re seeking. Not only are they highly skilled at what they do, some of them have the connections to help get your memoir into the right hands.

Just like a real ghost, a ghostwriter remains invisible. They keep the limelight on you with the material that makes you shine. It’s the best of both worlds.

So, where do you find a reputable ghostwriter? You can conduct an internet search and interview them one by one, asking for credentials and calling references. Or you can work with a proven memoir writing services company that has a roster of ghostwriters and which vets all their writers ahead of time.

Michael McKown, the president of Ghostwriters Central, Inc., which is located in Southern California, knows each of his writers in depth and will help you select the best one for your project. He will recommend the writer most suitable for your memoir. After all, the goal is the success of your story.

Give some thought to writing a memoir. The process is fun. First, you don’t need to do the writing, which means you’re just being interviewed by the writer, not spending day after day, month after month, writing it yourself. Second, you’ll be telling your story to someone eager to listen. Third, you’ll be asked a lot of questions and as a result, things you’ve probably forgotten will come to life again. At the end, your complete and accurate manuscript will be fully ready for a publisher.

Your memoir could very well generate additional income, and you will be recognized for your personal achievements with the book, which raises your profile considerably.

Not only that, but you’ve already got an advantage with publishers. Clearly, you did something important and memorable. You succeeded. After all, you live in Beverly Hills!

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