What Can You Do With Colorful Eyelets In Your Clothing Line?    

Beverly Hills Magazine What Can You Do With Colorful Eyelets In Your Clothing Line?    
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Experimenting with your clothing line is a great way to stand out in the crowd by taking your fashion game to the very next level. It gives you the freedom to come up with styles that best suit your personality. If you love to play with your clothing line to discover some great styles, eyelets can be an excellent option for you.

Eyelets are rings made from plastic, metal, or rubber that allows you to attach them to your cloth to make a hole in your fabric clothing. Brands like Leffler have a great collection of eyelets at a very affordable price, so you can add your flavor to your clothes without breaking the bank.

You can use eyelets on any fabric to change the look of the dress entirely. You may create a very wide range of projects using eyelets with your clothing line. Here are a few examples for the same.

Change the Look of Your Plain Sweater

Eyelets can be a great accessory to add a look to your plain sweater. You can use cardigans here to make your style using eyelets. You can order dozens of eyelets from the online store of manufacturers like Leffler and show your creativity on the sweater. 

There is no limitation on how many styles you can create using some simple eyelets, your cardigan sweater, and lace that match the color of your sweater. You can also use the lace of different colors, but make sure that it goes with the color of the sweater.

You can use eyelets to create stylish holes on the top part of your cardigan. You can add laces to those holes later to give a casual look to your sweater. The style will be perfect for your club look or any casual parties. If you want to carry an even bolder look, then you might consider the pattern on the entire cardigan.

Create Patterns on Your Pants

If you love that stud look with the laces on your pants when paired with stylish boots, then eyelets can help you there. You can create fantastic styles using eyelets and laces on your pants. It will help you convert your simple pants into stylish pants to go perfect with your macho look. 

You can use eyelets on the bottom of your pants to make holes on both sides of the pants. Make sure that the space between the two holes is even. You can experiment with the gap between the eyelets if you want to create a pattern that demands that. 

After placing the eyelets evenly on the pants, you can play with the laces to create patterns that you like. You can play with the color of laces and how you tie them to change the style. You can pair the pants with a stylish pair of boots to rock the party.

Create Pattern on Your Top Wear

Eyelets can be a great tool if you like designing your top wears for your taste. The top wear here can be any top wear like t-shirts, shirts, bodysuits, or any other. The possibilities of style are also endless using eyelets on your top wear. It depends on how creative you are, as you have complete control over the design. 

You can play around with style on different parts of your top. The first idea goes the same as we did for the sweater. You can create a pattern on the upper part of your top using eyelets and laces. You can make the same pattern or change it based on your preference.

You can also try to create patterns on the side of your top. The shoulder area also works fine. Make sure to keep the pattern short in these areas, as long patterns will ruin the style. 

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