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Corporate Immigration Law Firms specialize in the immigration issues and deportation issues that might arise in all countries throughout the world.  In Canada, the laws for immigration and deportation can be complex, especially when dealing with corporate entities that may employ others from outside of Canada.  These multi-national companies do indeed need a law firm that has the training and experience to handle all their visa and temporary residency requirements.  Special visas can be needed, and temporary residency requirements must be met.  The reason many companies not just in Canada, but in other countries as well seek workers from outside the country is to increase their talent pool, expand their global work reach, and many times save money.  

Canada is a world leader in immigration 

Each year millions of individuals immigrate to Canada either to reside there permanently, to study, or most of all, to work.  Corporations find that monies invested in workers in Canada that are multi-national in nature are a rather good investment.  While the laws of Canada are more lenient than some countries, there are processes and procedures that must be researched and followed when hiring workers from outside Canada.  This is where Corporate Immigration Law Firms come into play.  A specialized skill set is needed to avoid problems in the visa processes or to avoid running afoul of the Canadian Government.  Deportation of a critical worker because of a lack of proper paperwork can affect a company tremendously.  Prevention of any problems with immigration in the corporate sector is paramount.  

Proper travel documents and special work permits are necessary 

Only a seasoned Corporate Immigration Law Firm will have the specific knowledge needed to assist businesses in creating a multi-national workforce in Canada.  The country of origin also plays a part in the knowledge that is needed for any law firm that deals with corporate immigration.  As an example of this, special allowances for recent graduates from Hong Kong are in place to encourage those from Hong Kong to work in Canada for businesses.  However, there are also requirements for these special allowances as well.  Knowledge of visas and permits when dealing with corporate immigration must go beyond the visas and knowledge of permits and residency for asylum seekers or those wishing simply to live in Canada.  

International Trade, Labour, and Employment Experience is Necessary. 

Picking a corporate law firm randomly for work in Canada is never a good idea, and there are listings with ratings where any Canadian business can look up local law firms that specialize in this type of law.  Since immigration laws in Canada, even simple immigration laws can vary from province to province, and territory to territory, any attorney should be aware of the specifics that exist in each.   It is important for companies to choose the right law firm for the job.  Immigration laws in Canada, while held in many regards throughout the world at large, do require in-depth knowledge, especially in the corporate sector.  The Canadian Government requires an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) especially now during Covid-19, and businesses must stay abreast of these changes as well as other changes that are made routinely on worker immigration.  

Hiring foreign workers for permanent residency. 

When companies find it difficult to fill positions from Canadian labor markets, the Canadian Government does assist with information on how to find and hire labor from outside Canada.  The foreign labor markets include many that will eventually want permanent residency, and the Canadian Government understands this and will work with corporations towards this goal.  However, doing this alone is prone to mistakes and a Corporate Immigration Law Firm can cleanly and effectively assist with all the particulars and constantly changing regulations as well as address situations that might crop up while a foreign laborer is working in Canada.  While many law firms might offer services to corporations that deal with immigration issues, it is not wise to choose a firm that does not have the training and experience in this type of law.  Cost is only a secondary factor as any immigration issues that can arise for a business can be more costly than a great Corporate Immigration Law Firm.  

By 2014 it was estimated that Canadian foreign workers exceeded 500,000. 

Because of the backing of the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Workers Program), which was established by the Canadian government, this amount is increasing, and therefore the amount of Corporate Law Firms specializing in this type of law has also increased.  This, of course, is why Canada is a world leader in immigration and it would seem also a great environment to practice corporate immigration law.  Of course, a degree from a qualified university is needed, as well as training in immigration law and the ability to pass a series of tests which can vary amongst territories and provinces.  There is generally a great deal of work available to a knowledgeable law firm in the corporate field, but also requirements that must be met.  Visiting the Government of Canada website is a great place to start viewing the requirements of immigration and the specifications to obtain a law degree and certifications in corporate law.  

The Canadian Government also encourages individuals to obtain a law degree.  

A list of educational facilities exists, as well as all the requirements of these facilities when any link is clicked on.  This list can be of great assistance to anyone interested in practicing law, especially corporate immigration law.  The process towards success as a corporate law firm is not an easy one but can be lucrative and fulfilling.  It does start by knowing how to pass the requirements to even practice law and the Canadian Government assists both clients of corporate immigration law and the law firms that represent them in any way that they can.  Canada is a welcoming nation, to both attorneys, businesses, residents, and of course, global workers.  A little research into the processes and laws must be done prior however to succeed in this nation. 

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