Top Luxury Hotels To Add To Your Bucket List

Mardan Palace Hotel, #Turkey #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #travel
Mardan Palace Hotel, #Turkey #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #travel

Whether it is a vacation to the tranquil blue waters or picturesque landscapes, every traveler dreams of a lush hotel to have a wonderful stay. Moreover, nowadays various hotel booking websites and travel agents make it an easy episode for the globetrotters to book whichever hotel he/she wants to stay. Above that, much appreciation goes to the thrilling voucher sites which allow people to even book the exorbitant hotels at an affordable rate.

Howbeit, do you know about the most deluxe hotels around the world? Is it not a sure ‘yes’ from your end?  Well, if you are one who loves to travel, you should certainly have a crystal clear idea!

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Just read on to get a sneak-peek.

  1. Mardan Palace Hotel

 Having been built by Telmen Ismailov in 2009, this majestic hotel in Turkey which is worth $ 1.65 billion is stealing the hearts of millions for years. It boasts the largest and spectacular swimming pool in the Mediterranean region. When it comes to the most elite luxury hotels in Europe, Mardan Palace takes the first position! This wonderful place is a perfect amalgamation of classiness and sophistication. Whether it is the astonishing designs on Italian marble or the stunning interiors of gold leaf, crystals etc., everything will just take you to another world. (Image Source:

  1. Emirates Palace

It is the pride of south-east Asia! And, why shouldn’t it be? It costed around $ 3 billion for the constructors to come up with this spectacular hotel which has 394 furnished rooms with alluring extravaganza, 40 awesome conference rooms, a myriad of soothing pools, stupendous spas, more than 1,000 breathtaking chandeliers, and last but not the least an incomparably beautiful white sand beach. Also, this sumptuous hotel is a proud owner of unique, and spectacular marbles which have been brought from 13 different countries.

  1. The Westin Excelsior

Although this amazing hotel has been built at Rome a long back in 1906, it is still a masterpiece among the travelers. The extraordinary pedigree of this hotel is famous in the whole Via Veneto district. Moreover, the amusing Villa La Cupola Suite of this hotel has been recently renovated with $ 7 million! So, it is a worth stay of course for those who can’t do without impressive luxuries. Also, when it comes to the signature luxury cocoon, it spans two entire floors! And, this is what makes it one of the  largest suit in Italy. For many years, this classy hotel with its grand old style and contemporary high tech facilities has been one of the best places to visit for those who consider money as no object!

Burj AI Arab Hotel, #Dubai #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #travel
Burj AI Arab Hotel, Dubai. Source:
  1. Burj AI Arab Hotel

 If I have to talk about the most photographed places in Dubai, this marvelous hotel will be certainly among the top five. It has been constructed while resembling a billowing sail. All the rooms of this hotel are extremely luxurious with incredible state-of-art, and unforgettable views. Moreover, Burj AI Arab hotel has some of the amazing futuristic dining options along with an attached heliport, spectacular nightlife facilities, and many more.

  1. North Island

Located in the favorite honeymoon destination of many people, North Island has been one of the most ornate places to stay in Seychelles. This private island resort is standing high for years with 11 striking hand-crafted villas. Moreover, the immaculate white sands and turquoise water are extremely accentuating the grandeur of this place. All the villas at North Island have an adjacent private garden and beach. So, if you plan a stay there, you will definitely end up with a remarkable experience! Also, the plunge pools and outdoor showers will prove to be something wonderfully prodigious for you.

Lastly, if you’ve not visited these fancy and posh hotels yet, just make your move without any more ado. Just book, fly, Step inside, feel the amazement, spend some quality time, and come back with a ton of peerless memories!

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