Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills

SPAGO #BeverlyHills #Restaurant #finedining #food #BevHillsMag
SPAGO #BeverlyHills #Restaurant #finedining #food #BevHillsMag

Years after Wolfgang Puck opened his famous “Spago” restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills, customers only seem to multiply by the day. Located on North Canon Drive, the indoor-outdoor continental cuisine boasts a substantial menu offering anything from burgers and omelettes to Kaluga caviar and a $135 steak. The crowd is more mature compared to those of neighboring restaurants and bars.

SPAGO #BeverlyHills #Restaurant #finedining #food #BevHillsMag

It is barely possible to spot a girl with her selfie camera on standby and her Instagram page open at this restaurant. Perhaps the Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills keeps its doors open, and its waitlist lists long, because there is something for everyone. Stir-fried Chinese noodles top the list if the craving hits, while a traditional Austrian veal wienerschnitzel is a must when visiting a Puck restaurant. These options and the delicacy in which they are prepared—never fail the Spago customers.

There is also an exotic twist in the way each dish is prepared. The mashed potatoes, for example, can supercede your ordinary Thanksgiving dish with its French flair and exotic herbs. The tuna tartare appetizer arrives in miniature, yet sturdy cones that invite the tropical island feeling, but with the vibrant backdrop of Spago.

SPAGO #BeverlyHills #Restaurant #finedining #food #BevHillsMag

The dessert at Spago has always been known for its unique approach, delicious taste, and renowned head chefs. Sherry Yard, award winning pastry chef and author led the sweets of Spago for a number of years and now it seems that Chef Della Gossett, the current Executive Pastry Chef, has filled her shoes. The Crepe Suzette does not even resemble a crepe at first glance, but any other crepe has no standing to compete with this one. The chocolate soufflé, perfectly crisp on the edges filled with warm, melted chocolate on the inside can close the evening on a satisfied note.

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