The Westbund Hotel: Stylish & Imaginative in Shanghai

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The newest addition to the Huangpu riverfront in Shanghai is the beautiful Westbund Hotel. This hotel is a product of pure genius created by the Forte family, who own and have designed several hotels that belong to the Rocco Forte hotel dynasty. The designers for this particular hotel are Inge Moore and Olga Polizzi. Together, these two women have created a hotel that encapsulates pure sophistication, complete with many styles of hotel rooms and suites, a restaurant and bar, spa, and more.

Rooms & Suites

The Westbund hotel is absolutely massive, containing both 161 guest rooms and 58 specialty suites. The two most impressive suites are the Forte and Presidential Suites. These suites are 220 square meters and 270 square meters, respectively. Whether you choose to stay in a guest room or suite, you are sure to have an excellent view of the bustling city below.


Each of the rooms in the hotel has been designed to gracefully meld Chinese and Western styles. The rooms are adorned with many traditional Chinese-style decorations. Of course, each style of room is decorated and furnished differently. So, even if you plan to stay here more than once, you can always have something new to look forward to.


Restaurants & Bars

There are four unique dining experience options in the Westbund Hotel. These include three different restaurants and a bar. The three restaurants all have a unique style and cuisine. There is one Italian, one Cantonese (Chinese), and one British restaurant. The Italian and Cantonese eateries are best for lunch and dinner, while the British restaurant is more like a café—perfect for a light lunch or tea time.


One of the most stunning places in the hotel is the rooftop bar. This sits on the very top of the 59-story tall building, giving guests a beautiful view of the surrounding city and the night sky. In the spirit of the hotel, all of the drinks are as artisanal as can be. Guests can also order appetizers here.

Rocco Forte Spa

The wellness spa spans across two floors, including eight suites designed just for spa usage. Part of the reason why the space needs to be so large is because it includes and expansive pool area. Of course, guests are welcome to try out any of the many spa treatments and body therapies. As a bonus, the spa has a great view of the Huangpu riverfront.


If you would rather exercise than relax, the Rocco Forte Spa fitness center on the 58th floor can help. The gym is filled with all new TechnoGym equipment. So, whether you want to lift weights, run on a treadmill, or take a dip in the pool, you can get your exercise in here.

Ballrooms & Conference Spaces

Whether you are looking to rent out a space for a professional business conference or a fairy tale wedding, one of the ballrooms or conference rooms at the Westbund Hotel are sure to be perfect for you. The two main ballrooms include Westbund Hall and the Rocco Forte Ballroom. The Westbund Hall can hold over 1500 guests, while the Rocco Forte Ballroom holds about 900 guests. There are also many other elegantly decorated conference rooms that can hold between 5-180 people. So, no matter how big of a space you need, the Westbund is sure to have a space that fits your needs perfectly.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that mixes all of the comforts of the West with all of the elegance and originality of the East, then look no further than the Westbund Hotel in Shanghai. This tasteful hotel is sure to have everything you could ever want in a luxury vacation stay. While the hotel is not scheduled to open until Spring 2021, you can still book your visit today!


The Westbund Hotel: Stylish & Imaginative in Shanghai

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