The Fairies Meet the Lions

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Come and join the fairies on their adventures as they travel far and wide, exploring and meeting animals on their travels. On their journey to Africa, the fairies meet the beautiful lions and get ready to sprinkle their magical Dust all over. be careful not to get sprinkled in fairy dust!

These fairies love to travel and have fun wherever they go. They enjoy making new animal friends.

There’s a big fairy, fast fairy, slow fairy, and a little fairy.  You never know what they will get up to next. They are so adventurous, intelligent and want to make everybody strong by sprinkling Dust. The fairies from England, UK are very well-spoken, elegant fairies.

MG is in charge of them and also the author of the book. She makes their magical Dust for them and gives them advice on where to travel, as she has traveled the world many times. While she was traveling, she made many animal friends along the way.

Some of the animals she has met are the strange-looking creatures on her super traveling journey far and beyond. Some of the animals would talk to her! Would you believe it! And she would talk back to them! And give them magic for strength!

MG is a scientist who makes magical Dust in her secret lab for the fairies to sprinkle all over the animals.

MG is a hard-working scientist based in England, UK, and spends her days making big pots, and I mean huge ginormous pots of magical Dust.

In her lab are funny animals she has met along her traveling days which live there. And have become good friends together. The animals there also encourage the fairies to travel and help pick which country to travel to next. Zimbabwe in Africa was a favorite of MG and the animals in the lab.

The first lions are fierce in Zimbabwe. Most of the lions are very playful and friendly and spend hours running around in the hot sun.

The lions enjoy sitting near rainbows and relaxing.

MG has been to Zimbabwe many, many times before. It is a beautiful country and home to many animals, such as elephants, hippos, and birdlife.  The scenery is spectacular. MG has also made friends at the Hwange National Park,  home to over 25,000 elephants and 200 bird species.

MG has given magical Dust to all the animals there.

The lions were particularly her favorite animals which she befriended at Victoria falls.  The lions live there with their young children, known as cubs. She has sent the fairies close by to Victoria falls to sprinkle some magical dust on the lions in this story.

The fairies are always excited to visit new countries, especially this one. It’s been on the top of their list of places to visit. So enjoy this story of the fairies on their travels.

The book is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Xlibris, and kindle. 

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