Common Garage Door Repairs

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A Garage door requires regular maintenance and repairs to help them last a long time. Without regular care, they can fall into disrepair and eventually stop working. If that happens, you can get the help of a garage door repair technician to help you figure out what is wrong and if the door needs replacement parts. Here are some of the most common garage door problems.

Loose Gears

When the tracks, rollers, and other parts of the garage door aren’t working properly, you may need to tighten some of the hardware. You can check to see if all the important parts of the garage door are secured by tightening the bolts and screws that hold the moving parts in place.

Pulleys and Cables Are Worn Out

Garage doors that are spring-operated are typically built with pulleys and cables that help them open and close. Over time, the pulleys and cables get worn out. The cables might fray, and the pulleys may eventually get weakened and damaged. If you notice the garage door is making strange sounds or rattling when it is opening and closing, it is possible that the pulleys, cables, or both need to be replaced.

Misaligned Tracks and Rollers

Garage door tracks and rollers can get cluttered with debris and require cleaning every so often. You can inspect the tracks and rollers and clean them by brushing out the rollers and axles. They may also require lubrication if they are making loud squeaking sounds. The bearings on the rollers might also wear out and require replacement.

Out of Balance Springs

If the garage door is out of balance, then it might require a few pounds of pressure to move up and down. The springs can wear out on either side of the garage door opener, requiring the motor to work harder to lift the weight of the door. Over time, the door can fall out of balance and require a technician to replace its springs.

Autoreverse Not Working

Garage door openers automatically reverse and open if the safety sensors pick up an obstacle passing through the laser signal. If this doesn’t work, it can be a safety hazard for you and your family. You may have to repair or replace the photosensors on the garage door. It is also possible that the safety sensors are not correctly aligned, and both sensors miss the laser signal. You can check the sensors and realign the garage door sensors to see if they work.

Garage Door Panel Broken

Garage door panels can get broken if a car bumps into them or children accidentally throw a ball at one of the panels. This breaches the garage door, creating drafts and allowing elements from outside to get in. It also makes the garage door look unsightly. If the door isn’t too damaged or too old, you can replace the panel with the help of a garage door technician.

What to Do If There Are Other Garage Door Repairs

When you need garage doors repairs, you can request the help of a knowledgeable technician. They can review the garage door to find out what the issue is. The technician will then replace the parts or update your garage door, so it’s as good as new.

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