RaliGo: Luxury Mind And Soul Retreat Spa

RaliGo: Luxury Mind And Soul Retreat Spa #bevhillsmag #raligo #mindandsoul #spa #mediation #stressrelief
RaliGo: Luxury Mind And Soul Retreat Spa: #bevhillsmag #raligo #mindandsoulspa #massage #relievestress #spa

We often visit Spa and Massage centers to enjoy a level of relief from daily stresses; this of course is a great choice to ease the physical stresses; but have you ever thought about doing the same for your Mind and Soul? they also need a break from damages accumulated over time, issues that have starved us of our happiness and make us short-tempered and filled with negative emotions.

Relief from physical stress and pain via traditional massage is short-lived because the root of the emotional issues are in our minds, and are often ignored. The five steps that are applied in the RaliGo retreat perform a deep cleaning of the daily stresses and negative emotions in your mind. After this comprehensive cleansing session, you will experience a unique lightness and peace in your mind-body, and soul, the like of which you have never experienced before.

Mini breathwork

Proper breathing is such a profound medicine; it taps into every other system in the body. The quality of your breathing will tell you the state of your emotions, and by changing the way we breathe, we can change our life.
Mindful breathing can help ease mental stress, calm the nervous system, decrease blood pressure and adrenaline/cortisol levels, releases physical pain.

EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

This world-famous technique is designed to reduce your emotional stress and negative energy.
While negative emotions are thought to cause blockages in the flow of energy, tapping on these points will clear up such blockages and release the negative feelings.

What are the benefits of stress EFT tapping?

-Eliminating stress from your mind and body
-Helping to improve sleep quality
-Boosting energy levels
-Makes you calm and relaxed
-Relieves your fuzzy thinking and foggy focus

RaliGo: Luxury Mind And Soul Retreat Spa #bevhillsmag #raligo #mindandsoul #spa #mediation #stressrelief

Hand and Face meridian tapping/ massage

Meridian tapping/massage helps to treat common everyday injuries such as migraines, insomnia, stress, and even constipation that results from poor lifestyle choices and increase healthier wellness.

Foot soak

At this stage, we will pamper you with an amazing Luxury foot soak with rose petals and special ingredients, a wonderful way to relax after a long day. It can also be beneficial for detoxing your body.
While you soak your pretty feet in the warm and tantalizing soak, you will select another healthy hot or cold beverage from our VIP menu; you are on vacation without leaving the room.
Massaging the pressure points on feet and other parts of the body benefits your physical and emotional health much more than you realize. However, when combined with a foot-toxin-soak, the benefit will multiply.

10 ways that a foot-toxin-soak and message can benefit health:-

1. Reduces your stress level
2. Relaxes your mind and body, removing fatigue
3. Detox your body
4. Relaxes the nervous system
5. Improves sexual energy and activity
6. Balances body energy to maintain overall good health
7. Improves your resistance to disease
8. Boosts collagen production and strengthens the facial muscles, resulting in the reduction of facial wrinkles
9. Eases the emotional effects of trauma (which can cause the body to shut down)
10. Corrects negativity and emotional imbalances

RaliGo: Luxury Mind And Soul Retreat Spa: #bevhillsmag #raligo #mindandsoulspa #massage #relievestress #spa

Finale – Relaxation/Meditation

This part of the RaliGo experience will take you places that you have never been before, inside your own soul; relaxing your mind improves your overall quality of life, improves concentration, digestion, Increases blood flow, Lowers blood pressure, and helps reduce fatigue.
I know you don’t want to go home, it is not easy to leave this amazingly relaxing world and go back to normal life, but hey, you are now full of energy and cleansed; remember to book your next session right now before you leave; don’t forget to ask for our latest discount bundles. See you soon.

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