Must Have NuMe Hair Products

NuMe Hair Products
NuMe Hair Products

Introducing the revolutionary hair styling products that are taking the beauty industry by storm NuMe. The latest and greatest in hair products, NuMe hair products are giving you more style options and better results leaving your hair more beautiful with every look through innovative technology, advanced science, and fabulous designs.

Get the Lustrum hair set which allows you to create a wide variety of curls, waves and bumps easily to keep up with your busy on the go lifestyle. Whether you’re feeling sexy, sassy or just plain simple, the Lustrum beauty set gives you multiple options making your choices easy. If flat ironing is your thing, NuMe offers a fabulous line available in different styles and colors. These are not your average flat irons, NuMe products align to the molecular level of every strand, mold to everyone’s shape and style, all while utilizing an ergonomic design to effortlessly straighten all hair types. For more body and bigger curls, select your favorite curling wand from NuMe and you’ll never go back. From titanium to tourmaline, you’ll have the most advanced curl creator out there.


NuMe styling products are one of a kind as they are made of Tourmaline, which is a semi precious stone that emits negative ions into your hair adding shimmer and shine with every use. Negative ions act to balance the hairs moisture by replenishing electrons that are usually lost through constant styling and color treatments.

No more wasting precious time with NuME products! Turn it on and in just seconds your styling tools will heat up to the perfect 410°F salon styling grade MCH heat to make sure your curls last all day. Also, with your new beauty set you get a thermal defense hand glove that is heat resistant to beat the heat to create a fast and fluid styling session.

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