New Year Fitness Resolutions

NYE Fitness Resolutions
NYE Fitness Resolutions

I know so many people who have made a promise to themselves to get fit in the new year. They want to get fitter, look amazing, and feel incredible. Not to mention have a positive impact on their health! If you’ve never really tried to get fit before, it can be difficult to know where to start. These fitness rules for the coming year will help you to get started in the right way. Most importantly, create a fitness routine you’re happy with! Take a look and see what you think…(Image by Tim Jordan)

Make Sure Your Fitness Routine is Sustainable

The fitness routine you set up for yourself in the new year needs to be sustainable. Do not commit yourself to 6 or 7 gym sessions a week, because it’ll be too difficult when you’re just starting out. Once you’ve been working out a while and you really enjoy it, you can then think about adding more sessions in. You need to get into good habits first, without overwhelming yourself. It’s best to commit yourself to 3 or 4 sessions. You should also make sure you’re eating regularly. Letting yourself get hungry may cause you to binge later on, so don’t let it happen. Eat every few hours, and keep your meals small. This will keep your metabolism running on gas and you’ll always have the energy you need.

Make Sure You Enjoy the Exercise

You should enjoy the type of exercise you’re doing. If you don’t, you won’t stick to it. It’s totally up to you what you decide to do. You could try out different fitness classes, or download a plan from a trainer. Just make sure you love it! When you get bored, change it up. Your routine should be fun and interesting, as this will keep you going back for more.

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Overhaul Your Diet

You can’t expect to get fit and healthy if you don’t change your diet too. Exercising is all well and good, but you will never outrain a bad diet. Take a look at some of your bad eating habits and see what you can change. There will be a ton of healthy swaps you can make to get rid of unhealthy, processed foods that you’re eating. It isn’t about starving yourself at all, so there’s no need to go hungry. You just have to fill up on yummy whole foods instead! Limit treat meals. Have about one per week, and you should feel satisfied enough to keep going with your exercise and healthy eating. You can even use supplements to help you. Some supplements will reduce the increase in oxidative stress and DNA damage too!

Stop Making Excuses

Everybody makes excuses. They say they don’t have time. They say they’re too tired. Vow to stop making them! You’ll feel so much better when you stop making excuses. Usually if you say you can’t do something, it’s because it isn’t a priority to you.

Monitor Your Progress Properly

Stop relying on the scales to tell you how you’re doing, and instead monitor your progress properly. Take pictures and monitor yourself. Make note of how you feel. It’s so much better!

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