Michael Jackson Neverland

Michael Jackson’s Neverland
Michael Jackson’s Neverland

Michael Jackson’s Neverland will never be forgotten by his fans, but for a new owner the compound has been stripped of most of the King of Pop’s toys.  Before the estate was placed on the market in 2015 asking $100 million, most of the signs of Michael’s life, menagerie of animals and carnival rides were removed.  It was renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch and restyled back to the home built and designed in 1982 by Robert Altevers for William Bone.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland

The main house at 12,000 square feet has rooms of large scale containing formal rooms, fireplaces, a comfortable but commercially functioning eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors from an 18th century French villa, six bedrooms including a master suite complex on two levels with fireplace in sitting room, two large baths and cedar walk-in closets, one with a hidden safe room. There is a four-bedroom guesthouse, a two-bedroom guesthouse, a free-form swimming pool, large covered barbecue area, basketball court, tennis court, 50-seat movie theater with private balcony and stage, and a four-acre lake with waterfall. Long distance views include meadows and mountains.  Michael Jackson’s infamous flowerbed clock is still at the walkway entrance. There are numerous structures on the property including several barns, animal shelter facilities, corrals and a maintenance shop.

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Michael Jackson’s Neverland

Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch was restored to the original Sycamore Valley Ranch, still available at the unchanged asking price of $100 million.

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