Musical Queen: One and Only SERAFIA

Singer SERAFIA #beverlyhills #singers #beautiful #musicians #music #artist #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
Singer SERAFIA #beverlyhills #singers #beautiful #musicians #music #artist #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Introducing music artist, Serafia, a talented, brown eyed beauty who exudes class and a regal royalty that is no less complemented by a beautiful voice. Clearly this queen has been gifted by God. It’s no wonder she has been selected to perform in Beverly Hills for “BOLD” Summer Nights. A California girl, Serafia always had a natural propensity for all things lyrical. Music drew her in despite her other interests in sports. After receiving a music scholarship for Vocal Jazz, she moved to Austin, Texas and began working as a lounge singer in various clubs, resorts and hotels 6 days a week. This has become her dream come true….Let’s learn more about her journey to letting her star shine bright.

Beverly Hills Magazine: When did you discover your passion as a singer?

Serafia: My very first solo in front of a crowd was at my Dad’s church when I was about 9 years old. My Dad is a Priest at St James Episcopal in Monterey. After my solo so many people went up to my mom and told them I should pursue singing. That was the first time I HEARD from other people that I should sing.

It wasn’t until a year or so later when my Dad took me to the Monterey Jazz and Monterey Blues festival that it really CLICKED… I watched a band with a powerful lead singer performing on a side stage…She was a large African-American woman probably older than my mother…Something about the soul I felt in that woman as she sang resonated in me; I knew at that moment, I wanted to do what she was doing.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your signature as a musical artist?

 Serafia: My signature is my deep, rich tone and emotionally surgical delivery – along with my penchant for having a very classic sound.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your vision for your career?

 Serafia: I envision myself performing all over the world and essentially bringing jazz and classic music back into the forefront. I also want to speak all over the country inspiring budding and working artists…. I want to express that if you work hard and stay true to yourself, you can create a career for yourself as an independent musician without having to rely on anyone.

Singer SERAFIA #beverlyhills #singers #beautiful #musicians #music #artist #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


Beverly Hills Magazine: What does your music represent or what is your message?

 Serafia: My music represents being true to yourself. Being proud of your you are and not being ashamed of feeling things deeply. Being connected to others and having a strong sense of equality for all. I think people can feel that through my music whether I’m singing one of my original songs, or singing a cover song. It’s all in my expression and how I am on and off the stage; I hope to continue that on a larger and larger scale. My mom always told me that the gifts we’ve been given are not ours to keep – we must share them. I hope to live up to this as best I can throughout my life.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an artist?

 Serafia: You’ve got to take a lot of “no’s” as an artist – and if you’re not prepared for it, it can be really dis-heartening. Sometimes too many no’s can ruin your day/week/month. I try to flip it, and tell myself that the more no’s I get, the closer I am to the big yes’s. Some days are harder than others to stay in this mindset, but no matter what I keep pressing on.


Beverly Hills Magazine: What are the greatest rewards?

 The greatest reward I get is when someone tells me that they were emotionally moved/inspired by my music and journey. You never know if/when something you say helps to inspire someone and when you hear in their words that you did, it really makes for a very sweet and proud moment. In relation to the biggest challenges, the biggest rewards are when I do end up getting the yes’s I knew were coming; I can pat myself on my back for not giving up. It’s all about celebrating victories, big and small.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What makes an artist successful?

I think what makes an artist successful is staying true to your art and not losing yourself and forgetting who you are. Staying true to your art despite what people nit-pick and criticize about your work and going confidently in the direction of the message you’re trying to convey. Creating from the heart and knowing that your art is bigger than you.

Singer SERAFIA #beverlyhills #singers #beautiful #musicians #music #artist #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

My advice for aspiring singers is to trust yourself and trust the process. If you want to have a career, just know that there is not ONE WAY to do it. Have fun, and be passionate. If you love music and singing for the right reasons you will never be let down. Also a lot of the struggles I have are struggles a TON of other singers and musicians I know also have – It’s nice to know that you’re not alone!

Beverly Hills Magazine: Have you discovered a personal purpose to what you do?

 I have always been a natural leader. My purpose is to encourage people to find what they are passionate about and weave it into their lives in any way they can. My purpose is to help people find the strength within themselves to be brave enough to search for whatever it is that inspires them. My purpose is to encourage and inspire people to move in a positive direction. I feel very blessed to have music as a platform to champion for these things.

Beautiful Serafia performs at Beverly Canon Gardens three Fridays during BOLD. Friday’s Aug 3rd, 10th and 17th from 5 to 8pm. She and her trio will perform soothing jazz standards, the perfect backdrop for a summer night in Beverly Hills. “BOLD” standing for Beverly Hills Open Later Days is promoting visitation to the city on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from August 2 through August 25 for visitors to enjoy evening shopping until 8:00 PM, live entertainment, special programming and restaurant specials throughout the Golden Triangle. Free Entry. (North Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210) Don’t miss the show!

(Photo Credits: Andreas Branch, Evgeniya Shalakhova Lyons)
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