Top 5 Free Business Listing Services

Top 5 Free Business Listing Services #business #marketing #online #success #motivation #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Top 5 Free Business Listing Services #business #marketing #online #success #motivation #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Times have changed with the advances in technology, and every website owner is now aware of key tools like the Serpbook which are there to make the existence of a business online more manageable.

It is obvious that as a business owner you pursue being on the first page of search engines, especially as matters to local ranking and visibility, which guarantees you a higher audience and a constantly increasing traffic flow.

While you must have done a good job with SEO for your site, you might need to consider an additional tactic of building links to your websites from business listing sites.

There are a couple of business listing lists to choose from, but this article covers the top 5 free business listing sites recommended for your website:


This might be strange for you especially if all you see Facebook good for is a social media platform. Quite the contrary, Facebook is an excellent business listing platform, especially with the understanding that Facebook profiles have a strong presence on search engines as results for people’s queries.

Ensure you create a business profile on Facebook and detail the relevant information about your business, with clear call-to-action that will yield the results you expect. Be sure to point users to your website by linking your website to the Facebook business page, and start sharing adequate value that people can benefit from.

Tip: As a bonus, remember your social media marketing campaigns can befit your Facebook business page, giving you a two-sided advantage with Facebook as a social media tool as well as a business listing platform.

Google my business

Perhaps the best way to stay in check with Google search engine is to use Google my business, which is a chief location for all business related matters on Google search engine. Getting on Google my business can overall increase your chances of showing up in Google maps, organic ranks, local finders, among other platforms.

Mount your website on this site to better manage updates as you add in new information, control and manage reviews, add images and photos enough to evoke interest from your target audience.

This business listing site is especially beneficial for the fact that it helps your business be easily found on local maps, so that, your audiences can easily trace you even physically, which also plays an important role in locally ranking your website and map listings.

Ensure you optimize your business list on Google my business by ensuring you complete all the information that Google asks from you.

Top 5 Free Business Listing Services #business #marketing #online #success #motivation #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Bing places for business

Bing is the second most used search engine, especially for desktop sites, making it an important site to consider for creating your business list. This business listing site operates similarly to Google my business, so that, when creating a business list for your brand, you can easily choose to add photos and important business information you deem fit to share with your audiences.

With Bing places for business, you can manage all your listing within their portal. Ideally, Bing results may not necessarily be local, but even so, it will not cost you much to list your business on Bing engine too – after all, it is free!

This is a popularly known and widely used business listing site for customer reviews. This site allows you to create a customized business listing to your preferences, adding photos, business information relevant for the audience to know, directions to your physical location, among other features.

This listing is more effective when you provide as much accurate information as possible that will drive a significant amount of traffic to your site.

With this site, conveniently respond to your customers’ reviews, using their insights to improve your brand and bounce back to former glories.

This business listing site allows you to create a business list for so many customers that are within your geographical location from which you run your business from. is a free business listing site you can easily take advantage of especially in better defining your target audience so that the people that find you are exactly the kind of people that would be interested with your brand, but more so, to easily find you in person.

Your customers will easily find your business within their geographical areas, convenient for follow-ups and face-to-face meetings where need be. For this reason, ensure you provide accurate information that will correctly guide your audience to getting to your brand.

Additionally, consider this as a business listing tool that will allow your audience to rate and review your business, which really is the much-needed feedback your business should capitalize on.

Largely, all your business listing efforts are only to show your target audience and search engines that you , detailing the important information about your brand. If you have not done it yet, create a business list profile and mount it in any of these popular business listing sites.

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