How To Increase Space With Home Renovation

How To Increase Space Within Your Home
How To Increase Space Within Your Home

Many homeowners commonly complain of a lack of space within their home. Fortunately, there are many ways you can enlarge your property, so you can move with ease from room to room. We are therefore showing you how to increase space within your home with these helpful home renovation tips.

Rearrange Your Space

Before you embark on an expensive, time-consuming home renovation, we recommend identifying how to maximize the existing space within your home. All it might take is a simple remodel or rearrangement of furniture to make a room feel less cramped. For example, make the most of the square footage within a hallway, on a landing or the area under the stairs.

A Loft Conversion

Increase space within the home with a professional loft conversion. It’s a relatively simple and affordable home renovation project, as a builder won’t have any foundation or ground works that could slow them down. In most cases, you won’t have to apply for planning permission to add another floor onto the property. It’s therefore the ideal solution for adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms, so it’s perfect for a growing family or a home office.

How To Increase Space Within Your HomeA Property Extension

Add space and value onto your property by adding an extension onto the side or rear of your home. An extension will require foundations, so it can be more expensive than a loft conversion. Yet, if it’s worth the expense to your family, this the perfect solution for homeowners wanting to add space onto a kitchen or living room. It’s therefore worth a quick google search for reputable builder near me, and you should be able to find somebody who can provide a quotation and helpful advice.

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Add a Basement

If you cannot embark with a full home extension or loft conversion, the best option might be to dig deep and incorporate a basement into your property. While it’s probably one of the most expensive ways on this list to add space into your property, it can add substantial value onto your home. It’s also a great solution if you want to add a space that doesn’t require much daylight, as a new basement could be used as a gym, home cinema or a sauna.

How To Increase Space Within Your HomeConvert a Garage

Do you have a garage you never use? If so, we suggest converting the space to create a new room within the home, which could be used as a bedroom, man-cave or home office. Consult a qualified builder to discuss renovation options for your attached garage.

Combine a Space

Review your home to discover rooms that are too small or too big. For instance, if you have a large living room and a small dining room, you should consider combining the two spaces to create one large room. It can create an open-plan area that will offer an airy, lighter room that will improve the look and feel of your home.

Do you have any top tips for expanding space within your property? Have you embarked on a successful home renovation? Share your handy advice by writing a comment below.

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