How To Build Bigger Chest Muscles

How To Build Bigger Chest Muscles
How To Build Bigger Chest Muscles

Hey guys! We have all been at the beach and seen that guy walk by with the perfect pecs. I don’t know about you, but I often think to myself “how does that even happen?” For most men, these powerful pecs seem like a distant dream, but in reality, they are achievable with the right fitness routine and exercise discipline.

If you are wondering how to build the chiseled chest of your dreams, then this article is for you.  Read on for simple fitness tips on how to build an effective routine for chest building success.

Don’t Over Complicate

First of all, many weight lifters claim the humble barbell is the greatest piece of equipment for muscle building in the chest.  It is often referred to as the “ultimate muscle builder”.  So, whether you are at the gym or using your home weights, head straight to a high quality barbell and weight package for your chest routine.   Now, let’s talk about how to utilize the dumbbell with the greatest muscle building efficiency.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Next, this exercise emphasizes the upper chest and gives you that rounded look in the chest you are no doubt working towards.  Make sure your elbows never drop past your shoulders and squeeze your pectorals throughout.

How To Build Bigger Chest MusclesFlat Dumbbell Fly

This particular lift engages a greater amount of muscle fibers across the chest.  It takes great concentration and improves the “mind-muscle” connection.  When doing this exercise, emphasize going deep into the lift, feeling the bottom, and squeezing all the way to the top.

Bar Dip

Additionally, this is a simple and often underrated exercise.  Building chest muscles does not require the use of the over complicated machines at the gym.  This simple bar dip will give you great results. When doing a bar dip,  go as low as you can, heave half way up while kicking your feet back and keeping your body forward.  Once you perfect this move, you will find yourself doing bar dips in random places anytime you see two parallel bars!

How To Build Bigger Chest MusclesNutrition

You will not build bigger, stronger chest muscles without a smart and disciplined healthy nutrition plan.  A well-thought out diet plan enables you to build muscles after you break them down.  If you are looking to bulk up, you need to have a calorie surplus.  Create a meal plan that has the right division of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  In addition, make sure you are incorporate smart meal timing.


Another important tip is to rest well. Sleeping and resting are the two greatest ways to encourage muscle growth.

Finally, you must keep in mind that if you over lift or push it too hard, the muscle fibers will not have a chance to recover and grow.  Even if you plan to really push yourself towards muscle growth, make sure you incorporate these two elements.  If you are only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night, try increasing this to 7-8.  During quality sleep, your body enters a REM cycle which optimizes the release of testosterone and allows your muscles to rest and rebuild.

It’s exciting isn’t it?!  That you could be that guy at the beach this summer with the chest everyone is talking about.  In your passionate pursuit of the perfect pecs, don’t forget to workout the rest of your body.  The “perfect pec + scrawny leg” look is not favorable!

In conclusion, using these muscle building tips above in combination with a well-balanced whole body workout and nutrition plan you will achieve your fitness goals in no time.   Most importantly, have fun with it all and enjoy strutting your stuff!

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