How To Attract More Customers

How To Grow Your Local Business
How To Grow Your Local Business

In today’s retail market, customers can come from anywhere. You can get them from other countries or other parts of your country – yet some businesses have a problem trying to attract those customers that are nearest to them. If you have a store, you don’t just want online orders, you also need people coming in and looking around. Here are a few smart and simple business marketing  ideas that you can use to find and attract those local customers.

 Planning Your Marketing

Before you start to look at how you can find those local customers, you need to have a plan in place to help you target the right areas. If you haven’t created a marketing strategy for your business before, or you aren’t sure how to do it, you can seek help from companies like They can help you create a detailed marketing plan to help you with all areas of your customer base.

 How To Grow Your Local BusinessOnline Directories

There are many online directories that will let you add a free listing so that people in the area can find you. It’s a good way to get your company noticed, and some of them have a reviews section that can also help to build customer confidence. You should also sign up to Google My Business, which gives your company the opportunity to show up in Google search results and Google Maps. It means that if someone does a search for a company like yours in the area, it will highlight you as one of the options.

 Social Networking

You might think that social networking is too large and diverse to help you find local customers. However, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who search for local companies using social media. By having at least one profile on Facebook, Twitter or the many others, you can start to build a following. Some of those will be local people who want to find out more about your products. It also helps you to engage with people and inform them of events or sales you are holding.

 How To Grow Your Local BusinessLocal Sponsorship

A good way to get your brand in front of local people is by sponsoring a local event. Many local companies sponsor the local sports team or concert, and it allows them to show their company logo in front of hundreds of local people. You can show support in other ways as well, such as sponsoring community gardens to help with maintenance or donating some of your products to local school events to raise money for charity.

 Store Location

Where you choose to locate your store isn’t always about the location. Sometimes you’re restricted by price and availability. However, it could be that you’re in a place where people can’t find you or they have difficulty getting there. Despite the hurdles, you should try to pick the best place for your business with parking and some passing trade so that people can see your store. If you’re located in a bad place, it could significantly hinder your ability to attract customers.

Make local customers part of your marketing strategy so that you can get more local exposure and tap into a new group of customers.

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