How to Advertise Your Fashion Brand on YouTube

How to Advertise Your Fashion Brand on YouTube #fashion #styles #fashionworld #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
How to Advertise Your Fashion Brand on YouTube #fashion #styles #fashionworld #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

A lot has changed in the contemporary digital age, from the way we shop to the way brands promote their product, everything has evolved. The time spent by us on digital and social media channels is on the rise ever since the advent of social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Consequently, this has given brands a special advantage to promote their products and services more effectively and economically. A fashion brand can use special audience targeting strategies to market their products and services to only the chosen audience. (Image Credit: Photo Mix/Pixabay)

More than ever, brands are creating digital marketing strategies to efficiently reach audiences. One growing trend in the digital marketing space is the use of video content to market the products. Video content has some added advantage over other content forms used in advertising the products. It has proved to be more engaging and effective as it helps to demonstrate the functioning of even complicated products in an elaborate manner. 

YouTube as an advertising platform

Many brands experience great success by advertising on YouTube. One of the most important benefits of using YouTube is that it is the best video search engine platform that people from all across the globe use frequently. The video content helps to engage better with the audience and allows effective targeting by showing ads on the relevant YouTube channels. One can easily create intro videos using video intro makers for YouTube. YouTube is also growing popular as an advertising medium for fashion brands; let’s delve deeper into how YouTube helps fashion brands reach the relevant audience with video content marketing. 

Audience Targeting

One of the most important benefits of using YouTube advertising is that it allows you to extensively target your audience based on age, location, interest, etc. You have full access to control all the variables to reach the relevant audience fast and economically. When it comes to promoting fashion brands, your targeting makes all the difference. If you advertise your fashion brand to travel enthusiasts, it won’t provide desirable results, so targeting is the key to boosting your marketing ROI when it comes to promoting fashion brands on social media channels. Some of YouTube’s targeting methods to help you easily reach the right audience include the following.

  • Affinity audience
  • Comprehensive demographics
  • Interests
  • Keywords
  • Live events
  • In-market audience

Using tutorials & ”how-to” videos

One of the most effective ways to utilize YouTube for fashion brands is by creating tutorial videos and giving fashion tips related to products for your target audience. It helps connect with the audience on a more personal note and keeps them in the loop with the brand’s latest updates and activities. Brands can also use the comment section to interact with the audience and find out what they are looking for, and they can accordingly create relevant tutorials and ”how-to” videos. 

Partnering with influencers

Partnering with the right influencers in the relevant field is one of the most powerful strategies used by fashion brands looking to advertise their products on YouTube. There is a growing trend of influencer marketing in the digital marketing space. Influencer marketing allows brands to leverage a particular influencer’s loyal audience base and helps them target the products more effectively. The biggest advantages of partnering with influencers are that it helps establish trust in the fashion brand, which is much needed in the contemporary digital era, where everyone claims to be the best. It also helps to maximize the advertising and marketing ROI for fashion brands.

Experimenting with video content format

Experimenting with different video content forms will help brands find the most suitable content format to advertise their products and reach the relevant audience effectively. It will help brands find out the best types of videos with a high engagement rate and overall performance. Usually, video ads run between 10 to 60 seconds long. You can create highly effective video content using video editors that allow you to easily edit video online. A video ad hence has to be catchy enough to quickly gain the audience’s attention. Let’s look at some of the commonly available YouTube advertising formats for brands to reach their audience effectively: 

Display Ads

Display advertisements are effective for desktop screens and have an average dimension of 300*250. It is placed to the right of the feature video section and above the suggestion list. The placement might vary depending upon the player used.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are semi-transparent ads that could be either image or text-based. It usually follows the 468*60 or 728*90 dimensions and appears on the video’s bottom 20% section. 

Skippable video ads

Skippable video ads are very dynamic and allow users to skip the advertisement after 5 seconds if they are not interested in the product or service. This provides a medium on myriad devices to reach target audiences. 

Sponsored cards

Sponsored cards use a highly effective targeting strategy by showing the audience video content highly relevant to them; it is usually used to advertise products being featured in the video the audience is watching. 

Non-skippable video ads

Non-skippable video ads are slightly rigid as it does not allow the users to skip the video ads being shown. It is generally 15 to 20 seconds long and can appear before, after, or during the video being played by the user. It can be used to target the audience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads allow you to use a target audience on mobile and desktop devices. These are generally non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds long. Brands can also use a combination of skippable and bumper ads to reach the right audience effectively.  

Why use YouTube for your advertisement?

One of the most important benefits of using YouTube for your advertising platforms is that it allows you to create and deliver highly-engaging video advertisements that boost the marketing ROI. Indeed, the best video search engine continues to be YouTube, the first choice of millions across the globe. As per Google research reports, more than 40% of consumers turned to YouTube before buying a particular product. Consequently, YouTube is growing to be one of the major online advertising platforms for a fashion brand that want to target audiences in their niche. 


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