Everything Men Should Know About Skincare

Everything Men Should Know About Skincare #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillmag #skincare #men #skinroutine #facialcleanser
Everything Men Should Know About Skincare #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillmag #skincare #men #skinroutine #facialcleanser

Men are notoriously bad with skin routines. There’s a stereotype that women spend ungodly amounts of hours and attention to detail on their beauty routine while men use cheap soap and hard water and end up looking just as good. But this is not the case. Skin, although affected by various concentrations of hormones in the body, still abides by some pretty basic and universal rules. The ways to damage skin are the same in both men and women. The ways to care for them are also the same. The difference is that most men cannot be bothered with something being added to their plate. That’s hilarious, sure. But skin regimen compliance is, sadly, not great among men. If you’re looking to change that and get some moisture and life back into your epidermis, there are a few good tips and tricks that can help you follow through. Here’s how. (Image Credit: User18526052/Freepik)


The first thing you need to do is arm yourself with adequate knowledge. There’s a culture of “bro-science” that we all kind of follow. It stems primarily from the health and fitness world. But if you’ve got a good and informative source to get your skincare information, your routine won’t go the way of the “bicep curl” or “HIIT” in its varying acceptance. Sticking to good information, according to Groom Journal, is the first step to getting better skin. Just spend a few minutes here and there reading about the component of your body’s largest and heaviest organ. Dive into how men’s products have evolved over the years. Find out what your skin type is. All of this is way better than shooting in the dark and buying whichever lotion has “Xtreme” on the label.

Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser is far superior to soap. Why? Because your face needs a different treatment than your elbows. That sterile “clean” feel on your face isn’t all that good for you. You need to keep a certain level of oil to maintain the suppleness and pliability of your epidermis. Regular soap was formulated to take away those oils. In your foot and your leg, those oils might contribute to smells and even carry some risk of infection. Your face is a little different. Treat it as such.


Moisturizers are where a lot of us draw the line. We’re big, sweaty creatures, and adding a pore-clogging lob of lotion is not the best way to go about feeling confident at work. It is the feel, huh? Well, that’s completely understandable. Good thing some moisturizers don’t have the greasy feeling. They are even ones that keep your face feeling dry. You think those rugged movie hero’s look the way they do by accident? No. They moisturize. So should you. It takes half a second after you use your facial cleanser.

Learning skincare isn’t odd. It’s not something to feel any type of way over. It’s not even self-care. It is about not being a total slob. It is about giving your skin the attention you’d’ give anything else you care about. Yes, men should care about their skin. It’s the skin you’ve got. Might as well make it strong, healthy, and last.

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