Great Games To Play With Family & Friends

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There is nothing as enjoyable as spending time with your family and friends, laughing and joking around. As we grow older we understand how precious those moments are. One of the ways to make those days and evenings even more fun is by playing board games. (Image Credit: Yanalya/Freepik)

Today, we have numerous possibilities when it comes to board games. They are featuring different themes, some are relying more on luck while others on intelligence and strategy. So, it’s simply a matter of finding the one that fits your preferences.

These are some of the best options out there that will without a doubt provide you with hours and hours of entertainment.

Forbidden Island

This game stands out by one very important characteristic – this is a cooperative endeavor of all players. In order to win, all participants must work together. The Forbidden Island is visually stunning with fantastic artwork that explains the story you have to follow. The island is sinking and the treasure hunters (players) have to gather all the hidden gems before they escape by helicopter.

As the game progresses, it picks up a pace and becomes more dynamic until the goal is reached. The rules are simple and given the fact that people involved are not working against each other, you can always brush up on the rules as you move forward. It’s suitable for kids ages 10 and up as well as adults. The maximum number of players is 4 and whether you play with family or friends, you will have a good time.


This one is classic. Scrabble word cheat has been available on the market for decades and it has legendary status in the gaming community. A favorite for many, this game is both fun and educational. You will be able to expand your vocabulary and practice your spelling.

For those who are unfamiliar with Scrabble, it resembles a crossword puzzle. You are given tiles with letters and the goal is to make the longest word possible. The participant with the biggest number of points at the end will be declared a winner.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a dictionary at hand. However, if you don’t have a dictionary, a word finder for scrabble can be of great assistance. It’s a word-generator that will automatically create words from the letters you supply it with and save you some time when things get difficult. Also, this can be a good helping tool for newbies.

Ticket to Ride

Released in 2004, this production is by many responsible for the board game renaissance. It’s played on the map of the United States and players are travelers trying to connect two cities. If you succeed, you will get bonus points.

In the last several years, other maps also came out and you can now enjoy this fun adventure while traveling Germany and Africa, among other places. You have to make tactical moves all the time and decide what routes you should take and what will block your opponents.


This is a murder-mystery classic. The design of the game has transformed over the years with the new look of the rooms, weapons, and characters’ names. Still, the basic concept hasn’t changed at all. The winner is the player who guesses the name of the murderer, where the crime took place, and what was the weapon.

Clue is intended for 6 players tops and they have to think strategically, listen closely, and collect clues. The process of elimination is very important and will help you to find the correct answer. The game has been going strong for decades, its popularity not disappearing thanks to smart and interesting updates. So, fun is guaranteed and all you need to do is put on your detective hat and enjoy.


Famous war-inspired games have been entertaining people for a long time and all over the world. If you and your friends like strategy, this game will be a perfect choice. You need to face your enemies, make your army bigger, invade new territories until the whole world is at your feet.

Secret missions add another level of fun to those who decide to play. However, it’s still the game of luck. The role of the dice will determine your next move. You need to be tactful and make smart moves on the board.

Board games are endless fun. No matter your age, either one of those listed above will provide you with hours of relaxation and entertainment. The fact that playing them is also a social occasion means you will get to enjoy them with the people you love. 

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