Baby Hanboks in Beverly Hills

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With the growing population of the Korean Demographic in Los Angeles, Korean Baby Hanboks are seeing a surge in demand throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. (Image Credits:1035352/Pixabay)

Hanbok are traditional Korean clothing worn due to their comfort, functionality, and ease of movement. Now, hanbok are worn for Korean traditions and celebrations such as Doljanchi, a baby’s first birthday. 

Why are Baby Hanboks Worn?

Baby Hanboks are significant for a few Korean traditions but one very important one is called Doljanchi. Doljanchi celebrates a baby’s first birthday and throws a big feast and traditional foretelling ritual where a baby picks up a few toys that are associated with a meaning and allows parents to predict the baby’s future. 

Baby Hanboks honor the Doljanchi tradition and culture of Korea. Koreans take pride in their cultural roots so they tend to find any avenue they can to preserve their traditions. This includes the clothing they wear. 

In Doljanchi and other Korean traditions, Hanboks are worn by the entire family. In Doljabi, the baby’s parents wear baby hanboks to introduce the baby’s heritage and to preserve the tradition of Doljanchi. 

Other traditions where babies wear Hanbok are a 100-day celebration and Chinese New Year.

Where can I find a Baby Hanbok Store in Beverly Hills?

Joteta is a Korean Online Store that was founded in Los Angeles and relatively close to Beverly Hills. Therefore, Beverly Hills residents have immediate access to Baby Hanboks from Joteta and can shave off a few days of shipping time to receive their hanbok. 

Although Joteta is heavily e-commerce and plans to stay that way especially as it opened post-covid. Residents of Beverly Hill can drop by Joteta’s headquarters in Los Angeles to pick up their orders if their need for Baby Hanboks are urgent. 

Why can the need for Baby Hanboks be Urgent?

Baby Hanboks are worn for special traditions, celebrations, and holidays. Therefore, the date when they are worn is time-sensitive. A baby must have and wear their hanbok on a certain date. For example, Hanboks that are received from an e-commerce store after a baby’s Doljanchi becomes much less valuable and possibly useless for the family if they don’t celebrate other Korean holidays. (It’s important to note that many Koreans outside Korea practice Doljabi even if they don’t observe other Korean holidays. Doljanchi is seen as one of the most important Korean traditions. 

Joteta provides quick shipping worldwide. However, problems with customs can become tricky especially if the Hanbok are shipped to international countries. However, residents of Beverly Hills have no need to fret about customs and delayed shipping. 

Who makes the Baby Hanboks?

The baby hanboks are handmade by Korean in Korea. That’s how Joteta provides an authentic Baby boy hanbok and/or Baby girl hanbok to their clients. 

Joteta ships their products to their American clients directly and/or holds their products in their headquarters in Los Angeles and ships it out from there. Because hanboks can be custom-made, Beverly Hills residents must wait up to a week should they order custom baby hanboks. However, if they opt for a standard made hanbok, Joteta may have some available in their headquarters for immediate purchase and pickup. Joteta Korean Online Store is a Korean e-commerce that sells authentic Korean goods. Joteta partners with Korean manufacturers and unique stores, brands product with quality control measures with aesthetic packaging, and provides quality Korean goods to consumers worldwide.

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