Great Fitness Tips for the Busy Woman

Great Fitness Tips for the Busy Woman
Great Fitness Tips for the Busy Woman

The modern woman juggles a million and one things while also trying to feel good about herself. Having a full-time career and the perfect body doesn’t seem like a possible thing most of the time, yet there are ways to achieve it; to shift those stubborn pounds, eat well and, more importantly, to keep it up. Here are a few great fitness tips you can incorporate now and keep your exercise goals while still leading a busy life.

Get Organized

In amongst your meetings, shifts, deadlines, school runs, and tidy-ups, you need to find time to spend on your fitness. Finding the time can seem like a bigger effort than the actual workout, but it doesn’t have to be; a workout can be as small as twenty-minutes, or as big as a couple of hours. You can do it at home or in a gym, whichever suits you more.

The important thing is that you track your fitness sessions; by setting a plan of when and where will help you keep it up! You can set yourself a 30-day weight-loss program, or a get-to-10k running plan – find something that will keep you interested and set a goal. Having something to work towards will keep you focused and working hard. If having a visual reminder helps then create a calendar where you can cross off each day, or put together a vision board with inspirational quotes and images. Or hang that size ten dress in front of your treadmill and run for it!

You have to fuel your body with the right stuff, so make a food plan that matches your workout goals; high protein meals for muscle toning and bulking, low fat and carb for weight loss.

Fitness for the Busy Woman

Do the Research

Don’t go into this blindly. If you’re joining a gym, know their opening times and policies. If you’re planning on going for an hour swim at 6am every day, make sure they’re open and that the pool is included in your membership. Ensure you receive a gym induction, it may seem all straightforward. You may have used the equipment in the past, but there is no harm in a refresher course. Plus, you end up getting tips from the instructor on the best things to use to achieve your goal – without having to book a personal trainer.

You should also look into where you want to lose the weight or the best ways to achieve your aim. To lose weight in stomach and hips then find out the best exercises for you and your body-type to do this. If you plan on running a 10k in two month’s time, running on a treadmill will only get you so far. Ideally, need to train outside. 

Great Fitness Tips for the Busy Woman Mini Workouts

Workouts don’t have to be hours of grueling work. The best way to fit fitness into your busy life is to carve out a small amount of time and increase it when you can. There are some fantastic 20-minute workouts available to get you started. You can also think about how many times a day you can fit these in; perhaps you begin the day with a 20min yoga session. Then do the school run and head to work. Before dinner, you can to a higher-intensity workout, and once the kids are in bed, you can do 20 minutes of pilates.

The great thing about mini workouts is that you feel the burn and then you can stop – no pushing on through the pain, but with all the benefits.

Mini Workouts are also great to do with your family. Young children love to get involved with whatever mommy is doing. A short workout will help them stay fit and active and teach them that fitness is important.

Home Gym

Maybe you don’t have a gym handy, or you don’t like the idea of going to one – that’s fine. You can always set up a home gym. Weights, a mat, and an exercise ball is a great start-up kit, particularly if you’re tight on money or space. Some people find that it is easier to motivate themselves to go to the gym than to go to the spare room. Some people find it easier. At least at home, you don’t have to worry about who last sweated on the machine. A home gym is another great way to promote fitness in your home.


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