Getting into Your Coworkers’ Good Graces

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When given the choice between being liked and disliked, the vast majority of us would choose the former without a second thought. Regardless of the situation – be it social or professional – most of us would prefer to get along with our peers than to be at odds with them. Unsurprisingly, this sentiment often carries over to the workplace. Given how much time we spend at work, it’s only natural that we’d seek to maintain friendly relationships with our coworkers. However, in the event that getting into your coworkers’ good graces proves challenging, put the following pointers to good use.

Be an Active Listener 

Everyone enjoys feeling heard, and your coworkers are no exception. So, the next time you find yourself engaged in conversation with a workplace colleague, make a point of being an active listener. Instead of simply waiting for your turn to speak, take care to process what’s being said to you. In addition to helping you learn more about the people with whom you work, active listening can strengthen your relationships with these individuals. Retaining the things they share with you and applying them to future exchanges is a great way to make your coworkers feel heard and improve your standing in their eyes. 

Celebrate Their Victories 

To say that many modern workplaces are filled with self-interested individuals would be an understatement. Because these people become so wrapped up in their own goals and accomplishments, it doesn’t even occur to them to celebrate the victories of their coworkers. After all, if their individual success is all that matters, what possible enjoyment can be derived from lauding the accomplishments of others?

Suffice it to say, this mindset is absolutely toxic. If your goal is to foster positive relationships with your coworkers, you can’t simply shut yourself off to their personal successes. So, the next time a coworker receives a promotion or celebrates an important milestone, consider organizing a get-together and/or buying them a nice present. When searching for the perfect gift for such an occasion, remember to consider a good LAMY fountain pen.  

Contribute to Group Projects 

Just like in school, group projects can be a source of considerable consternation in many workplaces. More often than not, this is due to an uneven distribution of labor. Whereas some members of the group take on leadership roles and do the lion’s share of the work, others hang back and do as little as possible. Unsurprisingly, if you fall into the latter category, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some resentment.

Even if you don’t view yourself as a natural leader, you can still make meaningful contributions to group projects. Taking on whatever work you can and offering your input at every opportunity can go a long way in boosting your coworkers’ good graces and opinions of you. Just remember – you don’t have to be in a leadership position to help guide the project in the right direction. 

Provide Assistance Whenever Possible 

No one likes being stuck with a project that falls outside of their area of expertise. Finding yourself in this type of situation can cause tremendous anxiety and make you feel completely alone – and the same is true for your coworkers. So, the next time one of your colleagues finds themselves in need of assistance that you’re in a good position to provide, don’t hesitate to do so. 

For example, if you possess unique skills or knowledge that can prove useful to a coworker in need, your help is sure to be very much appreciated. Furthermore, this person will more than likely be happy to return the favor in the future. The more people you assist, the more friends you’re likely to make – and the more friends you have, the more integral you’ll become to your workplace. 

It’s only natural for members of the workforce to desire positive relationships with their coworkers. After all, considering how much time many of us spend working, it makes sense that we’d want to get along with the people who plug away alongside us. However, while some people are effortlessly able to click with their coworkers, not all of us are as lucky. Fortunately, even if you fall into the latter category, there are a number of easy ways to get into the good graces of your coworkers’. 

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