Buying a Trailer for a High End Car

Buying a Trailer for a High End Car #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #buyingatrailers #exoticvehicles #bevhillsmag
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There are several factors to consider when purchasing a trailer for an exotic car. Exotic cars have several features that can make a normal trailer unusable. With these vehicles in some cases the value can be in the millions of dollars so buying a cheap trailer to transport these vehicles is a serious and potentially very costly mistake. If you wish to use the vehicle in areas that are not in close proximity, it is not advisable to drive the car for hundreds or thousands of miles because of the potential for damage and the per mile depreciation, tire and brake costs and the need for extremely costly schedule maintenance that is normally done after a certain amount of miles are driven. An oil change for a Bugatti can exceed $20,000 and can be required every 5,000 miles.

Loading the Vehicle Angle Considerations

Often times exotic vehicles are extremely low to the ground. If you have a normal amount of ground clearance then you do not need to be concerned with angle that the car is loaded. There are mainly 3 things that can be configured on a trailer to accommodate vehicles with low ground clearance.

  1. The car trailer ramp flap is the the piece at the very end of trailer ramp that is hinged to the ramp. The flap provides the transition from the ground to the trailer ramp. Normally trailer come standard with a 16” flap. For low ground clearance vehicles this is not enough and the bottom of the vehicle will collide with with the ramp or flap and cause damage to the bottom of the vehicle. Depending on the ground clearance you may require a longer flap. The longest flap is generally 72”. 36” and 60” are also common. When using these extended flaps the trailer ramp may also require exterior bumpers that will also provide a proper loading angle.
  2. Transition Plate. The area between the ramp and the trailer will require a transition plate to cover the gap between the trailer and the ramp. If a transition plate is not included the vehicle can bottom out and cause damage when loading.
  3. Beaver tail. Most car hauling trailers have a 4′ area at the rear of the trailer to allow a car to load that is angled downward to provide a transition to the level part of the trailer floor. The length of this will effect the loading of the vehicle because a 4′ beaver tail or no beaver tail will cause the bottom of the vehicle to run the trailer and it will damage the vehicle. With low clearance vesicles it is recommended to use a 8′ beaver tail because this allows a lowered angle entry and in most cases will avoid damage the vehicle when loading.

Vehicles Physical Properties

When purchasing a new trailer what you are putting in the trailer is the most important thing. Check weight, height a width of the vehicle. A 5,000 pound vehicle may require larger than standard axles, especially if you are planning to carry additional items such as equipment, spare parts or tires/wheels. Width can be particularly importing in two areas. The ramp door and distance between the wheel box must be considered for loading. The width of the ramp door can be as wide as 96” but in most cases is 92”. The distance between the wheel boxes on the inside of the trailer is generally less than 82”. The wheel well can pose an additional problem with low clearance vehicles because someone needs to drive the car in and exit from the door. If the vehicle is 80” wide there will not be clearance for the driver to exit. For particularly wide vehicles with low ground clearance a removable wheel box well can be used. Before loading the car you can remove the road side wheel box and a flip up door provides a large opening for a person to exit the vehicle.

Loading an ultra-wide vehicle into a Trailer

In some instances a car will fit into the ramp door but cannot fit between the wheel boxes. In this instance you can use specialized ramps that lift the car above the wheel boxes. Do not add these unless you absolutely need them because they can reduce the resale value of trailer because many vehicles are too tall and will hit the roof and for people buying a trailer for other uses such as boxes or motorcycles, these ramps are only a hindrance to their task. Some ramps are removable, some bolted in and some welded to the frame.

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