“Flight School by Align Ballet Method Founder

"Flight School by Align Ballet Method Founder
"Flight School by Align Ballet Method Founder

We’ve all wanted to fly, to balletically take off since Peter Pan and Wendy as children. Well now as adults an incredibly new ballet fitness workout gets you soaring. Flight School, the newest ballet based cardio-dance fitness class from Los Angeles based Align Ballet Method founder Michael Cornell.  Contrary to popular belief “barre work” is not the key to the ballerina’s long lean physique.

The Align team loves all shapes but also, take time to educate students on the scientific clarity that the key element in developing ballerina legs is balletic jumping. Flight School helps you develop the explosive type 2b fast twitch muscle fiber developed through dance jumps of acclaimed professional dancers to those with a desire for a meteoric physical transformation. Type 2b fiber is made of long lean muscle tissue spindles. Type 2b creates density without bulk.

"Flight School by Align Ballet Method Founder

The triple sprung/Marley floors disperse impact of the landing of these balletic jumps which are the core of the Flight School training. In the way that Barre and CrossFit pop-up programs spread like wildfire, Flight School channels that cardio intensity zone, but can be done in low or high impact. It is the intensity of a spin class with the elegance of barre. You literally dance your butt off.

This 60 minute full body training fully immerses you into the core revolution of dance company training to engineer the ultimate dancers body. Flight School trains you without being stationary and or using additional weights – your body dances to core fitness.

Align Ballet Method, founded by former professional dancer and trainer Michael Cornell, has class locations all over Los Angeles (West LA, West Hollywood, Downtown, Silver Lake, North Hollywood, etc). Align Ballet Method teaches thousands of adults from their first level one class through pointe class with an acclaimed staff of gifted dancers.  This amazing adult ballet program has grown by word of mouth (beginning with 16 students in 2012, having to expanded to seven studios in Los Angeles) and the the praise of the media (Vogue, Daily Candy, and PopSugar, among others).  "Flight School by Align Ballet Method Founder

Align Ballet Method is the first organization to provide a systematic training program for adult beginners who wish to immerse themselves in authentic classical ballet training. Ballet bodies are the ultimate ideal among men and women, and unlike the dance inspired cardio crazes that have popped up —Align Ballet Method has helped dancers and non-dancers of all levels master ballet fundamentals offering fully explored traditional training. Offering the mental focus and physical training that adult professionals have been looking for in a workout, Align Ballet Method in Los Angeles has grown a huge program spread across Los Angeles.  Follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

Align Ballet Method is well-known for presenting the material in a way adults can easily understand and build confidence immediately. New students may register for their complimentary free trial class here.

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