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Terez is a women’s fashion company that was founded by women in NYC. This brand is most famous for its use of creative patterns. They specialize in designing active wear and lounge-wear for women of all shapes and sizes—as well as for women of all color and design preferences. Whether you are looking for leggings you can wear to formal events without anyone noticing, yoga pants that are sure to turn heads, or cozy sweatshirts, then Terez is the brand for you!

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Chic Wide-Leg Pants

Terez is most famous for its stylish leggings, but their other pants should not be forgotten. These wide-legged pants offer both comfort and style. The style of these pants make them the perfect leg wear for relaxing at home or working in a professional setting; this is because they are made of comfortable material and they have an elegant striped pattern.

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Luxury Leggings

As mentioned, Terez is most famous for its luxury leggings. What makes these leggings so famous are its unique and glamorous patterns. One of the brand’s best-known patterns is its gold foil cheetah design. As shown below, Terez not only uses this pattern on its leggings, but also on sweatshirts. This way, style-savvy women can have a complete matching outfit.

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If swanky patterns aren’t your thing, try out the leg-warmer leggings. These leggings come in a solid black color, which helps them to match any outfit! They are called “leg-warmer” leggings because of the way the material ruffles from under the knee to the ankle. While these leggings could be worn for exercise, they would also look great with a long sweater or a cozy winter dress.

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Patterned Exercise Sets

Terez also has legging and sports bra sets that come with the same pattern. It should be noted that these items need to be purchased separately, but that the items are located next to each other in Terez’s online catalog. This makes it easy to buy sets or to mix and match!

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One great set, as shown above, is the blue hue houndstooth pattern. While houndstooth patterned items usually come in shades of black, white, and gray, this outfit comes in shapes of blues and black. This gives the outfit a casual look.

The rose fields foil is another great pattern. Similar to the cheetah-print designs, the rose images on these clothes have a hint of metallic shimmer to it. The roses themselves are a vibrant violet. The background is solid black, which helps the roses to stand out even more. This pattern brings elegance to the gym—there’s no doubt about it!

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Final Thoughts

While Terez is best-known for its activewear, it’s also clear that the brand offers so much more. Even if you are solely interested in Terez’s exercise clothing, you can be sure that when you buy Terez, you are getting much more than the average exercise outfit. With this brand’s beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, when you wear Terez, you are sure to stand out!

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